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33 Days
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Sunset at Karakul Lake.The Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an.A small Buddhist courtyardFollowing ancie...

Nancy & Joseph Gill

Desert Botanical Garden
11 Km South of Turpan, Turpan 838000
Nanshan Ancient Beacon Tower
Nanzhuang Avenue, On the way to Urumqi Tianshan Gorge, Urumqi
Wudao Forest
12 Km Northwestern Suburbs of Turpan, Turpan 838000
Astana-Karakhoja Tombs
Asitana Village, Huoyanshan Country, Turpan 838000
Ancient Silk Road in xinjiang, China
thirty-minute drive northeast from the Turpan county, Turpan

Next, we spent a night in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province. It has a great night market and besides the night ma...

About Turpan

From Dunhuang we headed towards Tirpan in Xinjiang. We explored the crossroads market, the mysterious Afghani style Emin Minaret and Mosque, the ancient ruins of Jiaohe, and the kanez or the 5000 km of underground irrigation canals that transform this desert into a cornucopia of vineyards, orchards and lush gardens. The result is melons so crisp and sweet that they literally melt in your mouth. In fact all the fruits and vegetables are scrumptious! The city was alive with old men wearing fez, women draped in scarves and veils, hot bread from clay ovens, donkey carts laden with fresh produce and hay wagons piled higher than double-decker buses.

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