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Our long day was concluded with drinks at Harmandali in Uchisar for a night of Turkish belly dancing and music....

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Tour Itinerary 10.00 Pick-up from hotel 17.00 Return to hotel Places we will visit: Goreme Open Air Museum Pasabag Valley Devrent Valley Local pottery shop Lunch Pigeon valley Uchisar Rock Castle Underground city The price includes: Professional guidance, Mercedes Vito van, gas, parking fees Minimum number of people required for the tour to be conducted is 4. ...

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Thousands of years ago a group of ancient volcanoes spewed out layers of thick tuff which covered the countryside for miles and miles around. Those volcanoes were Mr Erciyes, Hasan and Melendiz. Over centuries the wind and rain made it so that the soft rock was carved into spectacular gorges and left behind amazing pinnacles of rock, the most famous being the 'fairy chimenys' which is how Cappadocia came to be. It is more than just the dramatic rock mounds, humans have also left their unique mark on the region, by carving cave storerooms, stables, cave house and cities underground of rock! Even to this day these places still exist, thought most are inhabited, but some of the rock-cut storerooms are still stuffed with fruits and vegetables in the winter.
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Pasabag or as the crude translation would have it 'General's Vineyard', is a collection of fairy chimneys located in a vineyard. Fairy chimneys are spire like rock structures that rise from the ground and often may have a large rock or cone right on top. Though the science behind it is confusing, the spectacle is not. These pillars crowned by large conical rocks are a sight that often fills one with trepidation, especially if one is walking around them! Nevertheless, seeing the fairy chimneys on Pasabag, some of which are double or triple capped cones, that is a structure of 3 conjoined pillars instead of a solitary one. Apart from these rock structures, there is also a chapel dedicated to St. Simon here, a reason for which is given in a story that speaks of him coming here to live in seclusion.
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