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By the evening, we reached Ulan-Ude, capital of the Republic of Buryatia, a federal subject of Russia....

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It had always been a dear dream for me to travel on the longest railway in the world- The Trans Siberian Railway that connects Moscow to Siberia, passing through various beautiful towns in Russia, while entering into the majestic and unknown Siberia. ...

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"Shall I make some tea?" I asked."Sure!" – Beena’s face lit up with a broad smile. Well, who can say no to a cup of tea on board a Russian train?So I picked up the fancy railway glass, in its fancier glass holder, filled it up with hot water from the boiler (In an earlier time they used to have samovars on these trains), dipped the Lipton tea bags in it. Then we sat down by our window - that opens up to a marvelous world outside. The semi frozen lake was passing by, ever so slowly, to the west. There were snow-capped mountains on the other side and pine trees all around us. A man was ice-fishing on the lake, sitting on his unfolded chair. A couple of kids were running after each other in front of a log hut. It was April 28, 2016, and we have been on the move for almost two weeks now.

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Ulan Ude is a small town on the east coast of Lake Baikal. Due to time restraints this was, unfortunately, our last stop on this journey. This village is as beautiful as other Siberian villages specially marked by the serene and the amazing Uda River. A great destination to put an end to a great journey. Sadly, we couldn't complete the entire journey, although we would have loved to do so.
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