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Utorda Beach

Utorda beach nearby Majorda is less crowded but more beautiful. One can take long walks along the beach. The view of sun setting behind the ocean is simply magnificent from this beach. There are a couple of good Cafe’s nearby where you can kill your hunger for a while and start riding towards Vasco Da Gama. Its a half hour journey from Majorda to Vasco.
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About Utorda

Utorda was our next stop, because the road map showed a thumbnail pic of pure white sand juxtaposed against the cerulean blue water.Well, the sand WAS white, I’ll give em that, but they musta photoshopped out all the trash. I nearly stepped on what was obviously the remnants of last night’s party… The old fart in me pitied the dudes who managed to kill all that vodka and whiskey. I assume the plastic 2L bottle of Coke blew away with this morning’s breeze.

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