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Being from Uttarakhand is a very delightful feeling that only a 'Thet Uttarakhandi' can experience who is living far away from his native place. Uttarakhand is known for its natural beauty, the Himalayas, its hundreds of small & big rivers- Ganga, Tons, Yamuna, Kali, Alaknanda, Bhagirathi to name a few, the holy places, sacred temples and last but not the least its identity being a tourist destination of India. Comprising of two regions- Garhwal & Kumaon, Uttarakhand is a must visit place for everyone who want to experience the real pahadi life, lifestyle of these two regions different by name yet similar by their tradition & cuisines. Both have a similar sort of culture, habit & way of living yet there are many things that show their individuality from each other. Uttarakhand is known for its delicious Garhwali & Kumaoni food, beverages and sweets that you should try once whenever you visit to this beautiful state. Phaanu, Kafuli, Bhatwani, Chainsoo, Thechwani, Jholi, Urad Pakora, Kachmauli, Kaddu ki Bhujji and bhari Poori & Mandue ki roti are among some mouth-watering dishes Uttarakhand is known for. The famous Uttarakhandi beverages include: Buraans and Malta Juice, Chhans (buttermilk), Chai with Gud (we prefer having tea without sugar & have it with jaggery bites) Seasonal vegetables like green leaf, beans, mitha karela, lengude, kaddu, kaakhdi (cucumber), seasonal fruits like malta, limbua, polam, kaafal etc depicts Uttarakhand heritage. During the festivities, we have some special desserts and sweets like R oat, Gulgula, Aarsa, Bal-Mithai, Singhori, Jhangora ki Kheer, Aate ka halwa, Lapsi etc. The article emphasises upon the cuisines of Uttarakhand. I have compiled a list of all popular Uttarakhandi Cuisines with photographs & their method of preparation. If you are an Uttarakhandi, then I am sure you will definitely enjoy reading & cherish these dishes. If you are not, then I recommend you to give them a try! Some Famous Garhwali and Kumaoni Recipes Garhwali Bhatwani - It can be cooked with or without gravy and is generally cooked using Bhat(a variety of soyabean). It is a rich source of protein. Just fry these bhats in an iron kadhai with some oil & gram flour, add spices, garlic and water and its ready to be served.

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Best time to visit Uttarakhand is from April to June and October


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