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Road Trip, Nothing betterThere is a special feeling of satisfaction taking a road trip amidst the Himalayan roads with Rhododendron and Pine trees staring at you. Road trips let you explore less travelled terrains, drool over the landscape and reach your destination with an inspiring feeling of chugging the traveller in you. One of my most unforgettable road trips was from Dehradun to Harshil and I still lay with delight in eyes remembering the picturesque road. Travelling alongside the foothills of Himalayan range, the road was inspiring me of something beautiful all the way and the gurgling river down the cliff overwhelmed the trip with its majestic sound and strong flow.The road trip from Dehradun started at 6.30 am and it took around 9 hours to reach Harshil. I reached Harshil around 3.30pm and the village stole my heart right away. It is a small village amidst the Bhagirathi river and surrounded by Himalayan foothills. The village is built in a colonial pattern with lining up of wooden and stone houses. With the native people maintaining the tranquil, benediction of nature predominately reflected. Harshil, I call it hidden paradise because it is untouched, pristine and less explored narrowing down to only two places for accommodation.

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Best time to visit Uttarakhand is from April to June and October


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