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Liberty Mini-sculpture
On the parapet of the pedestrian bridge, the crossing to Slavyanska Embankment, Uzhhorod
Little Saint Nicolas Mini-Sculpture
On the railing of the Uzh river, Teatralna Sq., Uzhhorod
Soldier Svejk Mini-Sculpture
Kyivska Quay Parapet, Uzhhorod 88000
Pedestrian Bridge
Across Uzh River, between Petefi Square and Teatralna Square, Uzhhorod

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and a beautiful city that took my breath away instantly. It has bustling markets, beautiful river-front, delicious food and crazy people. I met and made friends with two really amazing girls and had fun beyond imagination. When in Budapest, watch out for these things -1. Budapest nightlife is one of the best in Europe. The clubs are open till 5am and you can dance till your last breath.
This post is one of the most difficult post I ever had to write because I don’t know If I can do justice to the place, the suffering, the inhuman activities which took place in Auschwitz.Let me tell you something which I'm very embarrassed about. I didn’t know about concentration camps until I was 20 and visited Dachau Concentration Camp in Munich. I knew who Hitler was but I had no clue what he did and how he did those things. I felt sorry for myself and for everyone else who didn’t know about the Holocaust. This part of history should never be forgotten, because those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

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