Vientiane [prefecture] Tourism & Travel Guide

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Mekong Riverside Park
By the Mekong River, Vientiane
Wat Si Saket
Lane Xang Avenue, Vientiane, Vientiane
Art Decor Shop
Nokeoukoummane Road, Vientiane 01030
Phaeng Mai Gallery
110 Nongbouathong Tai Village, Sikottabong District, Vientiane

About Vientiane [prefecture]

Vientiane, Laos is where we first arrived from Bangkok. It’s also the capital of Laos, 300,000 people live here and enjoy the laid back life. Lao people are very good at enjoying the now, the super calm and the past. The first excitement of emotions in Vientiane for us was the taste of bread. Traveling for the past 6 months in Asia mainly munching on the local dishes like noodles, rice and more noodles, bread was something we were craving for. — A French baguette with cheese — was what hit the spot. We spent the first few days just chilling in the Scandinavian Bakery eating pastries, sipping on espressos and getting high on caffeine while watching ‘Dexter’. Afternoons we spent walking by the Mekong River observing the local fitness life and the colorful sunset.
Vientiane [prefecture]

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