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Vijayadurg or Vijaydurg is a small sea-port town located on the west coast of India, in the state of Maharashtra. The town is quite picturesque, with the majestic Arabian Sea on one side and the beautiful Sahayadri Ranges on the other. The town's idyllic location makes it a favourable tourist destination. On the coastline facing the Arabian Sea, there stands a historic fort, from which the town derives its name. Once used as a naval port for the vibrant Maratha Empire, the Vijaydurg Fort is currently a major tourist attraction along with functioning as a sea-port. Vijaydurg has several virgin beaches, untouched by crowd or civilisation, making it an ideal getaway destination to unwind. A pristine wild lingers in the vicinity of the town, with a rich fauna including the rare barking deer, red fox, sea otter, dolphins and even a few whales as well as endangered species such as the great Indian hornbill, vulture, langur etc. An interesting marine biodiversity is the highlight of this little town, which includes a variety of fish such as the king mackerel, ladyfish, great white shark, eel, swordfish, sailfish and shellfish. Birds like the storks, red-whisked bulbuls, kingfishers etc grace the skyline. Swatches of mango cultivation surround the town and a visit to this town will remain incomplete without a taste of the local flavours, especially the Malvani curry. The coastline draped in a rich green cover of coconut and palm trees, adding a peaceful aura, is the perfect location for an offbeat traveler.
4 Days
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