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The Black Beach is in the village of Vik in Iceland....

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But the welcome stopover at Vik, where we got some hot traditional Icelandic soup and food was rejuvenating....

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The next morning was a quiet one. We were greeted with drizzle and a bit of cold which was different then what we encountered so far. Our next destination was a town at the south of Iceland called Vík. But this time was different as for the first time, we came across snow and glaciers in Iceland. The weather was cold at this part which was a sign of close by glaciers. We came across some of the most amazing beaches this part of Iceland. While one was filled with black pebbles all across, another one was the famous black sand beach with a mountable cliff which gives panoramic view of the mammoth Atlantic Ocean and the varied landscape of Iceland.
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The Black Beach is in the village of Vik in Iceland. One needs to first go to Reykjavik and from there you can head to Vik, which is approx a 2 hour drive, to see this Black Sand Beach which has been immortalized by the song "Gherua..." in the Bollywood movie, Dilwale. But beware, high tides hit this beach often, so you may not be allowed into the water. Enjoy a walk on the beach and immerse in the beautiful surrounding cliffs around.Wish I could know more about the crash landed plane and what happened then? Interested? Shall I tell you more....?It was the year 1973 and a United States DC Plane was flying in the Sky. Everything was perfect, the whether was ok and all the engines were working fine. Why then did the plane crash? Silly it may sound, but yes, the plane ran out of fuel and crashed on the black beach at Solheimasandur, in the South Coast of Iceland. But there were no causalities and all the passengers were safe. Later it turned out that the pilot had simply switched over to the wrong fuel tank.

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