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Vikramashila in Bihar is an ancient site which is about 40 kilometres from the city of Bhagalpur. This was once a seat of great Buddhist learning in the form of the Vikramashila University. It was built in the 8th Century during the rule of the Pala Kings. Presently this site is complete ruins. The Vikramashila University was a place to learn Tantric Buddhism and was very popular even then. It is said that inside this temple complex you will find as many as 108 temples and a life size replica of the Boshi tree. This place is now famous just for the university ruins along those of the temple. It is now an open site where you will still find the entrance of the university.

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Sheer wilderness in University forest A newbie....

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But, what follows after university life begins, is a mystery to most outsiders....

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Best time to visit - October- April
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Vikramaśīla University

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