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3 Days
First Impressions: Bahnhofstrasse, Zermatt

The main street of any town is worth exploring to see what it has by way of explanation of the ar...

Paula and Gordon
The Magical Alps: All You Need To Know About Exploring Switzerland In Just Seven Days

Welcome to the great outdoors of Switzerland Tourism! Everyone has once dreamed, planned or even ...

With love, Zermatt

"God paints in many colours; But He never paints so gorgeously… As when He paints in white...

Sanghita Nandi
32 Days
Paradise of Valais Alps

Zermatt Do I fear death or I expect more from life? Not really, while I have seen, lived and dre...

43 Days
Paris and Switzerland: A 12 day expedition

The trip started from Paris. The three words that come to my mind are beauty, architecture a...

Richa Sharma
5 Days
This Swiss Town Has No Cars

The Mighty MatterhornThe view from the chaletMatterhorn Glacier ParadiseAboard the Glacier Expres...

Sumedha Bharpilania

Do not spend more than two days over here because it does not have any of the major sights. Known as the fashion capital...
Why Turin?Don’t be put off by Turin’s location in Italy’s industrial north; the city is more attractive than nearby Mila...
The first day, I reached Zurich where I spent only about 2-3 hours. Zurich is more commercial and quiet crowded a place....
Today I was sitting in the office and trying to recollect my most weird or unusual experience which I encountered on the...

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