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(Read about the first and last part of Kerala here : Kerala : The First Sight and Kerala : The Finale) Before I begin to describe this part of the journey, let me describe a few things so that you have a picture when I take you through my trip....

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Cherai Beach, Vypin, Kerala
The next day proved to be rather an interesting one that had a very mundane start. The industry that we visited was FACT, a fertiliser plant in Kerala. The visit was quickly wrapped up in an hour and we all left for the Cherai beach. The beach is an hour and a half ride from the hotel, which we spent dancing and singing in the bus. The sea welcomed us with its pleasant temperature and beautiful view and we wasted no time in running into the water. The beach took up the whole evening as we enjoyed ourselves immensely.The faculty then decided to take us to the “Marine Drive of Cochin”, a smaller version of Mumbai’s marine Drive. It was serenely lit and was bustling with crowds as a group of 100 enlarged the crowd further. We returned to the hotel and prepared ourselves for a long travel the next morning to Munnar.October 4, 2013
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Vypin, Kerala, India

About Vypin

Vypin Island is criss crossed by canals. Though the area nearer to mainland is now waiting to see a boom in construction of multi storey buildings, the island and its beaches still have a serenity and beauty which is becoming rarer by the day. Standing in front of a noisy school on the bank of the backwaters, one could see a school of dolphins popping in and out while a few fishermen were busy catching fish, standing right on the bank. Dolphins and fish seem to move together and the alert fishermen lower the Chinese nets into the water to pick up whatever fish can be netted. Not a very effiecient way, but then interesting to watch.

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