Wakayama Prefecture Tourism & Travel Guide

The first Hanami, Japan and Sakura

Sakuranomiya station bridge, Osaka. Japan during Sakura, a day dream.What started as a wonder and...

Swetha Srinath
22 Days
Japan in 3 Weeks - Travelettes Itinerary

Japan: A sincere opinion Should you go to Japan? Here’s an honest review of the good...&...

This Men-Only Japanese Island, Which Organises Naked Cult Rituals Seeks UNESCO World Heritage Status

The world has gone to the dogs, and we have credible proof to claim this. We've just been informe...

Prateek Dham
8 Days
Japan: Sakura no hanabiratachi

Excuse the chic and the chickening! As promised, here’s a rhinestone studded travel idea&he...

Kritika Parwal
3 Days
A Trip To The Beaches Of Kyotango

This summer was pretty laid back as we were both working full-time and never seemed to ...


Kamataki Yakushi Kongoji Temple
120 Kamataki, Kaiso-gun, Kimino-cho 640-1255
Wakayama Marina City
1527 Kemi, Wakayama 641-0014
Horin-ji Temple
1-1 Kitashin, Wakayama 640-8002
3 Wakaura Naka, Wakayama 641-0025


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