Wakro Travel Guide and Tourism

Situated in the Lohit District of Arunachal Pradesh, nestled amidst the Mishi Hills, Wakro is a peaceful little town wrapped in nature! Known for its 10,000 hectares of orange plantation, Warko is beautiful in the season when the oranges bloom. Located along the banks of the Kamlang River, Wakro is remote and in that essence pristine. It is the best place for backpacking and solo travel with cheap accommodation and travel options, and beautiful trekking routes in the lap of the wild. Other beautiful locations like Hayuliang, Walong and Dong, are located at a favorable distance from Warko. The Parshuram Kund, located a few kilometers from Warko is an important pilgrimage destination of the Hindus. With beautiful tea gardens in the periphery, Warko is inhabited primarily by the Khampti, Singpho and Deori Tribes, and a Buddhist Culture prevails, several pagodas and monasteries thereby depicting the same. The Golden Pagoda is the most famous monastery located in the vicinity of Warko and attracts many travellers, believers and tourists alike. The Golden Pagoda is built in Burmese Style of architecture and entails a sacred atmosphere with intricate ceremonies and rituals. Warko is inhabited predominately by the Mishmis tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. The Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the edge of Warko, along the Kamlang River. To the south of this Sanctuary, is the famous Namdahpa National Park with a mixture of Alpine vegetation and wet evergreen forests in the lower reaches. The Glao Lake is another beautiful location, blanketed in mist, which can be accessed by a six-hour trek route. With hospitable locales and interesting traditional practices, with a mountains in an aesthetic backdrop, Warko is the best place to relax and unwind.
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