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Mt Huashan was a result of my search for best natural places to visit; the time i saw that, i was clear in my mind that i want to complete this any way....

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People spend most of the time wondering about tomorrow even i used to do the same; till i booked ticket for my first solo trip to Xian on my last birthday....

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Qinling North Road, Lintong District, Xi'an 710600
4. The terracotta army in Xi’anThis is another famous landmark in China that has come to be associated with China. It was a buried wonder for over 2000 years till some farmers accidentally uncovered the archeological wonder which is now regarded as a World Heritage Site. It depicts hundreds of life size models of army that triumphed over all the other Chinese armies in the Warring states period and were a decisive factor in forming a united China. The structure has a factor of mystique raising questions about why it was built.
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Within the District, Linwei District, Weinan 714005

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