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Yandang mountains is part of Wenzhou county in China, and it's specialty is seafood as they sit between the sea and a river....

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Yandang Mountains, Yueqing, Wenzhou, China
This is one of the few cities in China that is not THAT commercialized for tourists just yet. Some roads are still muddy roads with bumpy rocks. There is no well-known hotel chain here yet, and therefore we stayed in one of the motels we managed to find. It was around 150RMB for a double room (non-peak period). We drove from Shanghai to this place, and I love the fact that no matter where you turn your head, you see beautiful mountains and scenery EVERYWHERE. There are many attractions in this area, despite them all being similar (it's all about climbing more mountains to see more scenery). Most attractions take about 1-2 hours.
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Zhangxi Country, Yongjia County 325100

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Hopping off the Chinese bullet train at Hangzhou Station from Shanghai, a few things that are distinctively Hangzhou have struck me right away.


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