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West Kalimantan is largely unchartered. Infrastructure connectivity is poor, but it does exist. And if Dayak culture is your main draw, this is where you need to be. West Kalimantan has the highest concentration of traditional longhouses. The locals are friendly and curious as they are not really used to seeing too many tourists.Get in: Pontianak will most likely be your point of entry (via flight). If travelling by road from other parts of Kalimantan, expect to spend quite a long time on the road.Other things to see in Kalimantan: Meratus mountains in South Kalimantan, Dayak Culture in Central and East Kalimantan.Suggested itinerary: There is none. Most tourists will spend a week on the island and split their time between a couple of places in East Kalimantan and a klotok tour in Tanjung Pitung. It would take months to explore Kalimantan properly. West Kalimantan would be a good place to start.Eastern Indonesia: Sulawesi, Nusa Tengarra, Maluku and Papua

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Best time to visit West Kalimantan is from December to July

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