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to hotness, from salty white sands... (White sand desert) reminded.... From there we returned to White Sands... on white sands was a different...

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, however i beg to differ. White sands... view of the Ganges, white sands... of the white sands camps... sand - that's all you need...

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White Sands National Monument

This is one of the most remarkable geophysical phenomena I've ever laid eyes on, in any country of the world. The sand is soft, cool, whiter than snow and rolls on as far as the eye can see. Corralled in a ring of ragged desert mountains, there is something distinctly spiritual about watching the sunset over the San Andres Mountains, the last rays of which cast a pink hue to the silky rolling dunes spread out in all directions.
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About White Sands Missile Range

Keep going past White Sands National Monument and you'll enter White Sands Missile Range. If there is a missile test on the schedule, the White Sands Police will block the road, pull everyone into a layby, and even give you a countdown to the launch so that you can watch in awe. On the western side of the Missile Range, just before going over the mountain pass towards Las Cruces, is the Headquarters. It is well worth the short detour to go to the White Sands Missile Range Museum. Located just inside the Army post's gate, there is a large outdoor display of dozens of missiles, a V-2 inside an enclosed building, and a great museum with more missiles, historical displays of various types of communication and radar devices, themed rooms reflecting New Mexico's history with Native Americans, space travel, missile testing, and of course the site of the first atomic bomb - Trinity. If you're not military affiliated with a valid ID card, you must leave the post when you're done at the museum. Visitors are not allowed on the rest of the military installation.

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Best time to visit White Sands Missile Range is from April to June and from September to October
White Sands Missile Range

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