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Being in Windsor, the first thing you need to see is the Windsor Castle....

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One can visit Windsor by train too....

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23 Francis Street, Windsor SL4 1NJ
Clicking a picture with the royal guard at the Windsor castle who was oh so co operating to give that wide smile. Sitting in Nero's at Oxford Street the whole afternoon while sipping on coffee and reading a book and ending up chitchatting with Nancy for hours, who was sitting just beside and we got talking cuz she got curious enough to ask me whether Im a Jeffrey Archer fan or not. Eating at Nandos.
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Windsor, Windsor, Windsor and Maidenhead SL4, UK
From the State House Apartments we went to see Queen Mary's Doll House... It was so cute with the amazing detailing. The Doll house depicts how a royal family might have lived through a beautiful collection of miniature figurines. It even has running water running through the tiny pipes. Photographs are not allowed indoors.
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Weekend Getaways from Windsor  

Then, we booked accommodation in Liverpool (£30). Moose cafe for breakfast. The best breakfast I had! IT IS SO GOOD. I want to book a ticket to Liverpool just for this! That salted caramel pancakes with poached apples.. £7 if I'm not wrong! Huge portion!

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Best time to visit Windsor is from May to July

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