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6 Days
Revel in Bilene
Revel in Bilene

Bilene, Xai-Xai, is one of Mozambique's most renowned party hubs. Lying just under 200 kil...

Kevin Macaringue

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Weekend Getaways from Xai-Xai

It was another bright day and in the evening, Hans, my new found Swiss friend in Mozambique and I were walking towards t...
Kruger Park
Another day in Kruger Park with a few special citings! Besides quite a variety of animals with some baby's/cubs, also a ...
Considered one of the prettiest towns in Mozambique, Inhambane houses several historic buildings that make it a wonderfu...
Tofo Beach
It might be slightly touristy, but its difficult to deny the charms of the eight-kilometere stretch of pristine white sa...

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