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Day 1 [Feb 9, 2016] I really enjoyed the 5 - 10mins stroll from Mao Zedong Former Residence to the Mao Zedong Statue Square. Along the way, I get to see all sorts of local delicacies/ street food sold by the villagers. I reckon food is a really good way to get to know one's culture more. I saw the locals paying their respect to the golden statue of Chairman Mao with flowers and wreath. There was a granny who asked her grandkid to kneel down and bow before the statue of Chairman Mao as a way of paying his highest form of respect to the great leader of China. Actions do speak louder than words. These all simply showed how highly respectable Chairman Mao is among his citizens.
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Day 1 [Feb 9, 2016] It is free to visit the Mao Zedong Musuem. This is the place where Mao's teacher, Mr. Zou Chunpei resides and also where Mao received his early education - the foundation that shaped him into the founding Father of the People's Republic of China. This well-maintained old building exhibits some of the poems and calligraphies written by Mao.
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