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Yangon (Rangoon)
I took over the map reading and we set out in the direction of Shwedagon Pagoda (or so I thought). After a while it was clear my map reading skills weren't up to scratch that day. I'd taken us in completely the wrong direction...oops! Despite using our umbrellas as parasols we were too hot to keep walking so we hailed a taxi. Twenty minutes later we'd only moved about 100 metres. Lesson learned, rush hour in Yangon is not the time to be getting a taxi anywhere. We got out and continued on foot. The sky behind Shwedagon Pagoda became black and angry as we approached, this just emphasised the gold even more. I managed to get just one photo before my phone died on me, annoying as there were some great photo opportunities inside the pagoda.
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Bo Gyoke Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)
Next up was Bogyoke Aung San Market in Central Yangon. It was a sprawling under-cover market selling just about everything you can imagine. The main focus though appeared to be traditional arts and handicrafts. If you're in a shopping mood or are after some souvenirs then you could lose yourself here for several hours. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling it that day. Much as I love markets I just wasn't in a shopping haggling mood so we only had a quick look. I'd like to come back another time to spend more time browsing. The sky looked as if it was threatening rain so we bought an umbrella each. We'd been thinking about getting some for a couple of weeks but kept deciding against it. Everyone seemed to have them here though so we gave in, by the end of the day we were pleased we had. We pottered around the street's a bit longer looking at roadside vendors and stalls selling all-sorts. Tables overflowed with phone accessories, chargers and adapters, colourful fruit and vegetables, fish, dried fish and prawns. There were also several tea stations dotted about with with locals sitting sipping steaming glasses of green tea.
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