Yongzhou Tourism & Travel Guide

Fengkou Cave
Wanfu Village, Yangjiaotang Town, Qiyang County 426165
Kongming Dianjiang Platform
North of Zixishi Town, Dong'an County 425903
Zaoshuihan Waterfall
Within the State-owned Huangni Wood Farm, Dong'an County 425900
Yangjiang River Dam
Batou Village, Damiaokou Town, Dong'an County 425902
Mt. Luohan Ancient Temple Site
Mahuang Village, Nanzhen Country, Dong'an County 425916

And so, my journey begins... Arrival Day [Feb 8, 2016] The flight from Kuala Lumpur to the provincial capital of Hunan, Changsha was approximately 4hrs 15mins. The flight arrived at midnight and my tour group of 22 fellows are warmly welcomed by a local tour guide, Siao Tang. We checked-in to a very decent hotel called Ramada Plaza and called it a day. Day 1 [Feb 9, 2016] I woke up to a cool and foggy morning with some sunshine in Changsha. The tour began by taking a coach to the village of Shaoshan.

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