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I love the street names in Manhattan, New York....

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This is the feeling New York City leaves one with....

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Central Park

An obvious must-see. Pay attention to the benches: all are dedicated to someone and I spent half a day reading all the dedications. Some of them are real heart-breakers.
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Times Square

I was sitting in the busiest square in the world '' Times Square'' and even though I was feeling so content with myself.Without your friend next to you, chatting your ear off, you become totally immersed in the present moment.That feeling of sitting in the '' Times Square'' without checking the phone and just observing that expression on everyone's face says that '' yes, finally I made it'' is something I had never experienced in my life before. Those expressions on the face of 70-years old couple and 7-years old kid gave me an immense positive energy to look towards my life's journey and I successfully stored those expressions in the hard-disk of my heart which would never get erased by any viruses. I discovered those hidden little gems within the city that people only talked about finding in movies or books.
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About New York

New YorkNew York also known as the Big Apple is the most amazing place to live in the world, apart from this it is one of the largest metropolitan cities of the planet and the capital town of the United States.

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit New York is from April to June and from October to November
New York


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