Zacatecas Tourism & Travel Guide

and will end in the city of Zacatecas, some 8,000... to Zacatecas. Zacatecas is a five-hour...), Zacatecas is an amazing... here.  In our time in Zacatecas...

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. Zacatecas is off the beaten track.... One thing that Zacatecas..., Zacatecas produced 20...

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Top Places To Visit 2 Spots

Hotel Casona de los Vitrales

It was central in Zacatecas. The room was comfortable and just great overall. It was excellent value for the money.
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Hotel Delfin

It was my first stop when I arrived from Puerto Vallarta and it was just perfect. I fell in love with the hotel and during my time there, I got to know the owners of the hotel and several of the guests who became my friends. Marta, one of the owners was happy to sit with me at night and help me practice my Spanish.
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About Zacatecas

Built out of quarried stone (even the streets and sidewalks), Zacatecas is an amazing Mexican city with few tourists. With a population of 300,000 people it boasts of impressive art galleries and museums. It is one of the most beautiful colonial cities I've ever seen. Its history dates back to the time of Cortez when it was a hotbed for silver mining with 20% of the silver mined here.

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