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One of life’s pleasures is looking at Ryanair’s destination map and allowing the syllables of lesser-known places to roll off my tongue....

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Just amazing.. nature as it once was. Perfect to relax and walk a lot.
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Paklenica National Park was established in 1949 and is Croatia’s second oldest national park behind Plitvice Lakes in Northern Dalmatia. Croatia is home to 8 stunning national parks, all worth a visit. Paklenica National Park is 95 km2, and lies within Croatia’s largest mountain range, the Velebit. The park consists of of two dolomite limestone canyons called Velika (big) Paklenica & Mala (small) Paklenica. The park has around 150km of hiking trails, which if you have the legs for it, will ultimately take you up to the highest peak of Vaganski Vrh at 1,757m. The mountain rises sharply from the sea and while the park initially looks very rocky you’ll be surprised to find that 75% of the national park is in fact forest, primarily Beech and Black Pine. If you are into adventure sports, then Paklenica National Park is surely calling your name.
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