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Djemaa El Fna , MarrakechElktoubiaElktoubia, Marrakech...

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I ask Jamal what we’re waiting for, and he replies that we’re waiting for the local guide who knows where the Zagora sand dunes are today....

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Top Places To Visit in Zagora 9 Spots

Mohamad Sirirou, Zagora

Weekend Getaways from Zagora  

After I booked our trip to Turkey, I started researching the lamps I was looking for. I realized that they weren't Turkish lamps at all. They were Moroccan lamps. Oh boy, I should've done my research first. So, now I had some explaining to do to my hubby. "So, the lamps aren't Turkish, they're Moroccan. We need to go to Morocco," I said. He laughed, "And you already booked our trip to Turkey? Ok, well, what are we going to do?" This is where I'm grateful to be married to a man who embraces my crazy. "We're going to Morocco, too. I'm going to add it to our trip," I replied.


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