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While dressing up in our skiing gear, I could literally feel the shivers of trying something that I was totally new at!THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE THAT I SAW REAL SNOW!The nervousness was peaking even while we were at it. Our instructor kept guiding us with 'Fries' and 'Pizza' (codes for skiing positions). But I got neither Fries nor Pizza correct! I slipped and failed over and over, while kids no more than 5 were skiing like pros around me!ParaglidingI've always believed that I must travel to explore, to fail, how else would I know what I am missing out on! This was one of those instances.Who doesn't want to fly? I wanted to as well. And to fly over the Swiss Alps, getting the stunning view of this beautiful country was an exciting idea. With the winters peaking, I wasn't quite sure if paragliding would be suitable or even possible.But there are other plans when you don't have one! After almost 4-5 gloomy days in Switzerland, we had our first sunny day. It was special because watching the snow shine in the sunlight was unreal.

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