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The 'abode of clouds' Meghalaya, is a haven for adventure sports. Covered with lush green forests, shimmering lakes and a massive network of caves, Meghalaya is teeming with a vast variety of adventure activities for you to pick from. Exploring Meghalaya through various adventure activities will be an experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life.TrekkingMeghalaya is a perfect place for some of the best nature treks, through rain forests, river banks and living root bridges, which are exclusive to Meghalaya in the entire world. The trekking opportunity is outstanding, however the route can be challenging. Treks can be done on your own or with trained guides.Skill and gear: You need to have a deep passion to endure the difficulties en-route and reward yourself with breathtaking views. Even though the living root bridge trek can be done by amateurs, others are a little trickier and recommended for those with at least a little experience. The gear needed is simply a good pair of shoes and a trekking pole.When to do it: The dry months from November to February throw open abundant trekking opportunities for the adventurous traveller.Cost: The cost, if you go on a group trek is not more than ₹500 per person. This cost doesn't include any gear or camping services.Best trekking routes: Living Root Bridge, David Scott Trail, Kyllang Rock and Sohpet-bneng.Organisers: Pioneer Adventure Tours, Adventure Nation: The Outdoor Tribe.

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Best time to visit Meghalaya is from October to May

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