10 food places to be tried while you're in Shimla

Photo of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India by Srishti Millicent

Everybody loves to eat, whether it's desi or pardesi dish. From italian pizza to golgappas, eating has become a hobby of the majority of people including me *winks* But when visiting Shimla, one must visit these food places to get the best of the Shimla.

1. Himachali Rasoi

In order to get the best authentic Kangari food, one should visit Himachali Rasoi. You will get the typical pahadi food and trust me, you'll relish what you'll eat. One of the best food places of Shimla. You can found it near Baljees Restaurant, just below the stairs.

2. Baljees Restaurant

A typical 80's restaurant with that aura and vibes, Baljees has always been my personal favourite since I was a kid. The best dish to have is Mutton Sizzler which is mouth watrering and cooked really well.

3. Wake N Bake

A small three floored yellow cafe with the best nutella pancakes and interiors. The cafe is located on the mall road only. You may find lots of dream catchers hanged inside and you can also buy those pretty dream catchers.

4. Cafe Shimla Times

Cafe Shimla Times is another beautiful cafe of the place where one can have coffee and chill. It is also the center of various events that can be enjoyed according to the schedule set by the cafe. Located near Hotel Willow Banks, the place is perfect place to take your book with, order a coffee and enjoy a date with yourself.

5. Indian Coffee House

The oldest and largest chain of restaurants is in Shimla too, serving the best south Indian cuisine and coffee to the people there. Indian Coffee House is known for its dosas and idlis the most and bet me, no food place can serve better south Indian than them in Shimla.

6. Vik's Kitchen

Located in Talland, the place offers delicious food and a good service making it another personal favourite of mine. The place is little far from Shimla but easily approachable for people who are staying in Talland or Chota Shimla.

7. Aunty's dhaba

If you want to try the best desi-chinese in Shimla, you need to go to Aunty's Dhaba. The place is located downstairs the Himachal Rasoi only and well, you have to wait for your turn to sit inside the place and eat as the dhaba is always crowded. You see, that makes it obvious how the place is popular.

8. Guruji Pan

Located near the post office, the place offers the best pan. We all know how paan is important after a good meal to digest what so ever we ate. The meetha paan and chocolaty paan, both are worth a shot.

9. City Point

Have a sweet tooth ? Then this shop is the best for you. This shop serves the best bakery items in the city - from pasteries to biscuits. The shop is just ahead the Indian Coffee House. One should try a pastry from this place for sure while travelling to Shimla.

10. Sharma Chaat Shop

The shop is located in middle bazar and serves the best chaat in Shimla. You may find many chaat shops opposite to the Trishul bakery, each one of them is good but Sharma Chaat shop rules when it comes to serving best Indian street food.

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