10 Iceland Travel Tips That Will Change Your Trip For Good

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Iceland may sound “cold” for some but it is Nature at its best and to know firsthand what this island the largest of it all in the world has to offer you would need to take a trip yourself.

The cold breeze that would blow across you would be cold no doubt but it is the sheer serenity of the landscape that would impress you.

If you want to find solitude and relaxation there would not be any place in the world where you could find peace as you would here in Iceland not even atop Mount Everest which is also littered and crowded.

Iceland is the place you need to go if you are stressed and need to rejuvenate and get your tired body back to your old self again.

We have listed 10 travel tips which would make your trip to Iceland a memorable one and engrave it in your heart never to forget the best times you had.

You could see many things of interest around the length and breadth of Iceland with a rent a car in Iceland which would be a very fast way of moving around.

#1. Rent a car in Iceland

One of the best ways of seeing the beauty of Iceland is to travel by road and for that the best would be rent a car in Iceland and drive to your heart’s content.,

The scenery would change frequently to let you digest a variety of constant changes making your drive an interesting one.

The landscape is so diverse that your idea to rent a car in Iceland would give you immense satisfaction when you are at the end of your journey.

#2. A wonder wherever you see

Iceland could be voted as the most beautiful country in the world as it is just too good to be true and if you are driving the roads are great too and the best would be to rent a car in Iceland to take you wherever you want.

#3. Peace and tranquility like nowhere else

The hustle and the bustle which most city folks like us experience in urban living is all kept far away and there is nothing but Nature and us nothing else.

The quietness and the peace that pervades may seem too good to be true as we are not used to such silence from where come.

It is as if the world has just stopped on its axis and is not moving at all as this is what you would experience when you drive a rent a car in Iceland.

#4. Sparsely populated a shock to you

Iceland is a very large country spanning 103,000 square kilometers (40,000 square miles) and home to less than 350,000 inhabitants.

It is the most sparsely populated country in Europe and even in the world in terms of landmass.

Hence wherever you may travel there are more large open spaces as far as your eye could see and finding someone to ask directions would always be a futile exercise.

It is this quietness that brings home that stillness which we do not experience in our lives unless we get the opportunity to visit a place like Iceland.

#5. Adventures galore

There are ample natural locations to quicken your adrenaline hence there would not be any dearth of adventure if you want any especially driving a rent a car in Iceland.

You could stop then start and be on your way and whether it is the mountains that you are on or near water the excitement would never leave you as there is plenty to do.

#6. Picturesque horizons

Whether it is the Sunset or the Sunrise it is beauty at its best and the changing colors on the horizon could be unique to Iceland as seeing what is offered there is hardly anything like this anywhere.

Every scene is just like it has been plucked out of a painting with artist with immense imagination and that is what it is and that too, always.

It may be the location of Iceland that the Sun’s light plays around with it but whatever it may be horizon at dusk and dawn are just stupendous.

#7. Stunning hiking

Iceland has more than its share of hiking trails to offer, though there are many exciting ones in other countries too what this country has to offer is unique in style.

Volcanoes, high mountain climbs, and many more which you would need to pick as per your preference are at your disposal when you get to the Iceland country side.

If you are looking for adventure in hiking, trail blazing, mountain biking there are many places where you could put your skill to test.

#8.Picture perfect

If there is any place on Earth that you could call paradise then it is Iceland as everything is too perfect and when you have been there for about a week you would be thinking whether this is our polluted Earth.

We are trying our best to ensure that our environment is not harmed but in Iceland it is entirely different with the whole country clean and beautiful.

#9. Limitless relaxation

There is no place on Earth where you could relax like you would in Iceland and the outdoors is like none other and is just great to say the least.

Your mind would go into “sleep mode” once you have been in Iceland for a few days and that could be contagious which most say after they return from this country.

#10. Nature at its best

If we look back probably we could imagine that the whole world would have been like this one day in our past but we have done a right royal mess of our environment.

Iceland should remain as it is because it is everything all put together and is a place like none other and it is special in many ways and should remain as it is into the future too.

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