10 Out of Town Activity Ideas You Can Do with Your Work Buddies


Getting together with your mates from work is a great way of bonding and getting to know each other better. If you are a manager looking for team-building exercises, there are plenty of options available. But even if you are just one of the guys or girls in the office and want to get everyone together for some fun, why not have a look at the activities available for groups? Let’s face it, you can go for a night put any time, but there’s much more to do that you can enjoy together.

We had a look at the top 10 activities that take place out of town, and where you and your work buddies – or even just a bunch of friends – can have a great time doing something fun and different.

1: Mountain Biking – if the thought of strenuous exercise has you breaking out in a cold sweat, don’t worry; there are many thousands of miles of off-road cycling trails that are perfectly suitable for beginners and it’s a great way to get together somewhere different. Plan in a pub lunch, and all the better!

2: Sightseeing – what about a trip to somewhere you haven’t been, to take in the sights? Play at being tourists for a day – it’s great fun! And guess what, there’s probably a pub along the way, and to make it relevant, pick a historic pub!

3: Go-Karting – fancy yourself as the next Lewis Hamilton? Prove it to your workmates by getting them all to a go-kart track! It’s fast, fun and exciting, and there are few better ways to have a great day out for surprisingly little money. There are tracks everywhere, and you get all the kit thrown in, including the overalls and helmet so you look every bit the badly-dressed Formula One driver.

4: Haunted House – everyone loves a good scary movie, so why not book you and your workmates a night in a haunted house? Whether you believe in all the hocus-pocus or not it’s great fun, and who knows, you might come across those things that go bump in the night!

5: See a Film – here’s an easy one: everyone get together and go and see a film, and then go to the pub! OK, so it’s not out of town, but it’s great fun!

6: Go Surfing – surfing, in the UK, we hear you say? Yes, in fact there are some great places to surf around the UK coast; Cornwall, the Welsh Coast, and even the North East Coast are great for surfing when the conditions are right, and there are courses for beginners where you can have a right laugh – and then go to the pub!

7: Five-A-Side – if the sports and outdoors activities interest you, why not find a sports centre and arrange a five-a-side football match? You could even start an inter-department tournament, and it’s not expensive to book a court! You don’t have to be a great player to enjoy a good knock-about on an indoor pitch, just get into the spirit and play.

8: A Day at the Beach – now, we know that the British weather means this may only be possible for a few days a year, but be bold and take the chance! The seaside is always a change from the usual city or town setting you may be used to, and you can even encourage your workmates to bring the kids! We guarantee you will enjoy and in the British Isles, the coast is never too far away.

9: Wine Tasting – now here’s an idea that’s just a little different: why not book a wine-tasting session at one of the many wineries in the UK? Or you can often find them on offer from distributors and suppliers of fine wines, and you can enjoy an education in wine and some excellent tastings along the way. These sessions often have a meal in with the bargain, so look carefully for the best deal.

10: A Country Pub Lunch – one of the great things about the UK is the sheer proliferation of beautiful, traditional country pubs in a wide variety of small towns and villages across the country. Most will offer you great home-made food and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, so choose one that comes recommended – you’ll find many on the internet that are highly so!

That’s our list of great things to do with your workmates and most can be done without the need to purchase equipment, but if you do enjoy any of these pursuits you might want to check out product reviews for future reference. We hope that you enjoy our ideas – and are sure that you will be able to add your own – so have fun, and make that team-bonding session something that you can all enjoy.

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