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10 Most Picturesque Road Trips Across India For The Upcoming Independence Day Weekend

Photo of 10 Most Picturesque Road Trips Across India For The Upcoming Independence Day Weekend 1/10 by Prateek Dham
Road trips often give you memories for life. Credits: Pichenettes

In these busy times, road trips function as a fun way of bringing together everyone for a prolonged period of time. Travelling in a car with family and friends promises many exciting dynamics along the relatively long journey. We finally find time to talk to each other, eat at new outlets along the highways, introduce each other to our respective favourite songs, and do just about everything under the sun.

But what really takes it several notches up is when you don't need to bother about driving the car at all. If there's an experienced driver at the helm, the journey can be enjoyed even better from the backseat because you don't get tired at all. Ola Outstation allows you to do just that at the most economical rates. With Ola, you can call for a well-maintained cab right at your doorstep, whenever you want. Once you have boarded, you can enjoy multiple features such as Ola Play (pre-fit devices on which you can watch your favourite movies, TV shows and music videos), free WiFi, and 24x7 customer care support, SOS and track ride options. Since cashless is the way of the future, you can pay for your rides in the form of e-transactions once done.

So if you are looking to spend some quality time with loved ones over the upcoming long weekend, here is a filtered list of the 10 most picturesque road trips across India that prove that the journey matters more than the destination:

1. New Delhi to Kasauli

Starting from the national capital first, this short and sweet road trip is for those who are fed up of the Delhi heat. The journey will take you through three states – Delhi, Haryana and finally Himachal Pradesh, and is a perfect amalgamation of various terrains such as mountains, barren lands and fertile soils. We recommend you do this road trip with the entire gang, and hence a big car with Ola Outstation is a viable option.

Total distance: 288km

Two-day round trip fares start from: Rs. 5,855

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2. Bangalore to Ooty

The Bangalore to Ooty stretch is ideal for working professionals who are only free over the weekends. This road trip is merely a five-hour journey, but that in no way means that it's any less beautiful. All your senses will be in for a treat courtesy of the expansive tea and coffee plantations along the way, apart from the outstanding highway eateries. The sublime surroundings will be further accentuated by your favourite songs playing on Ola Play throughout. Bliss.

Total distance: 277km

Two-day round trip fares start from: Rs. 5,550

Book your ride now.

3. Mumbai to Pune

Photo of 10 Most Picturesque Road Trips Across India For The Upcoming Independence Day Weekend 4/10 by Prateek Dham
Credits: Ramnath Bhat

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is one of the most alluring routes in Maharashtra. The Western Ghats will keep you company for most of the journey, but if that doesn't suffice, there are plenty of natural water bodies and manmade reservoirs as well. A detour to the gorgeous Lonavla during the monsoons is highly recommended. If you also plan to visit your alma mater in Pune (which is most probably going to be the case), it's better if you invite your entire college gang to the trip; Ola Outstation has got a fleet of big cars as options too.

Total distance: 148km

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4. Guwahati to Dawki

Photo of 10 Most Picturesque Road Trips Across India For The Upcoming Independence Day Weekend 5/10 by Prateek Dham
Credits: Santanu Sen

If you are still unaware of the northeast's gorgeous natural scenery, this road trip will show you all facets of it. This mystical trail is threaded by majestic mountains, sprawling lush greens, and feathery white yaks. Dawki is located close to the Bangladesh border, which ensures that in this case the destination will also be worthwhile. Ola Outstation travels to most places in the northeast as well, so you can book a trip to any other part that you like.

Total distance: 175km

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5. Hyderabad to Kurnool

The ultimate road trip from Hyderabad? Yes, by all means. Although the actual distance is just over 200km, but the breathtaking terrains make it one of the most charming road trips in India. The lordly Tungabhadra River also gives you company for a chunk of the trip, keeping the surrounding wind and the overall mood cool. It's a completely pleasant drive throughout and so it makes for an ideal choice for the upcoming long weekend. If you've already decided, you can even book an Ola Outstation cab well in advance, so there's no delaying your impending plans.

Total distance: 213 km

Two-day round trip fares start from: Rs. 4,382

Book your ride now.

6. Jaipur to Ranthambore

Photo of 10 Most Picturesque Road Trips Across India For The Upcoming Independence Day Weekend 7/10 by Prateek Dham
Credits: Ansel W

From the capital to another end of the regal state, this road trip is at the top of most bucket lists in India. The journey is a contrast, from the monotonous deserts to a million city colours, and the roads are smooth, so there is no reason why you shouldn't explore Rajasthan along this beguiling stretch. There are also plenty of good restaurants along the way; you can search for the best ones on the internet while en route by using the free WiFi in the Ola Outstation cab.

Total distance: 167km

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7. Shillong to Cherrapunjee

Photo of 10 Most Picturesque Road Trips Across India For The Upcoming Independence Day Weekend 8/10 by Prateek Dham
Credits: Arup Malakar

Although it's the smallest road trip, just 54km-long, on this list, but it's right up there in terms of aesthetics. On this tiny stretch, you will come across waterfalls, caves, intermittent drizzles, and lush green villages, that will completely rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Ola Outstation provides efficient services in most parts of the northeast as well, so you can explore it without hesitation.

Total distance: 54km

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8. Kolkata to Digha

Photo of 10 Most Picturesque Road Trips Across India For The Upcoming Independence Day Weekend 9/10 by Prateek Dham
Credits: Arko Sen

Staying on the eastern front, how could we forget the ultra-popular stretch between Kolkata and Digha! Most Bengalis do this road trip at least thrice in their lives, and the reason for that is it is laden with green patches throughout and the 187km-long distance is ideal for the long weekend getaway with the entire family. Book an Ola Outstation from anywhere in Kolkata and find it at your doorstep within an hour at the maximum.

Total distance: 187km

Two-day round trip fares start from: Rs. 3,810

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9. Vizag to Araku

Down south we go now, and it's time you experienced the seamless transition from the Bay of Bengal to the Eastern Ghats. The 116km-long stretch can be done over the long weekend, and the curly roads are a sight to behold. The roads may be a bit tedious on higher altitudes, but the experienced drivers in Ola Outstation cabs make the journey as smooth as possible.

Total distance: 116km

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10. Chennai to Pondicherry

Credits: Sarath Kuchi

Photo of East Coast Road, Palavakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India by Prateek Dham

Extract the maximum pleasure by travelling between these two cities on the East Coast Road. The reflection of the sun on the numerous water bodies along this 160km-long stretch is what makes this arguably the most decorative road trip in the southern region because it is sprayed with great attractions such as Mahabalipuram (a UNESCO World Heritage site), Alambara Fort and Kalpakkam Nuclear Facility, en route. Even if you plan this trip impromptu, just book an Ola at the last moment and don't worry about whether you have enough cash to pay or not. Ola Outstation allows cashless transactions.

Total distance: 160km

Two-day round trip fares start from: Rs. 2,947

Book your ride now.

We hope you have a sufficient number of ideas to decide upon your destination for the Eid long weekend irrespective of where you are in India. Whether you are a sucker for forests, beaches or mountains, booking an Ola Outstation makes every journey convenient and worthwhile. What's more? There are always great discounts on offer. Check the Ola Outstation page right now for details and car options.

Have a wonderful road trip!

In association with Ola Outstation.

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Great article. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips for saving money while travelling.
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Amazing article with some truly breathtaking photographs. Kudos :) Also, a 4 day long weekend is here, from the 29th of March to the 1st of April. Visit www.wheelstreet.com and rent all your favorite bikes at the most affordable prices in India and make the most of your weekend.
Thu 03 29 18, 03:18 · Reply · Report
I fail to understand if this article is about very good road trips or it is an adv for Ola Outstation services
Sat 06 24 17, 11:06 · Reply · Report
Taken/Done Nos. 1, 6 and 10... Rest Trips Still Pending...
Fri 06 23 17, 04:34 · Reply · Report
chalakkudy - valparai - pollachi
Thu 06 22 17, 04:37 · Reply · Report
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