10 Places To Visit AFTER a Breakup!


10 Places to Go To After a Break Up

We’ve all seen all those posts that scream of happiness, love and where you should go following these emotions. But what do you do after a break-up? When the heart breaks, the place where your love originated and festered will remain a source of pain long until the wounds have healed. So as hard as it may seem the best thing to do at that point would be to pack your bags, take the extra money that you now have for yourself and run away (literally!) to a better place!

1)      Manali

A little Manali cream and happy pizza down – your mood is sure to improve! Ditch the typical tourist things, and take a walk down old Manali near the guest houses and revel in the silence and the literal high of being there.

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2)      Varkala Beach (Kerala)

You need a place to unwind and do nothing, and Varkala beach is just the place for you! One of the more relatively clean and untouched beaches, all you need to do here is bask in the sun and taste fresh catch of the sea!

And when your mood calls for it, visit the Janardhana Swamy Temple and let the ancient myths and legends tickle your mind. There’s nothing like the strong and soothing waves of Varkala to wash away your sorrows.

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3)      Kashmir

When in need of a place to chill, Kashmir literally and metaphorically obliges. The atmosphere will not only calm you down, but also let you indulge in hot chais and flavorful cuisine with friendly people who will take your mind off the previous jerk.

There’s nothing like rowing in the Dal Lake with yourself and your happiness.

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4)      Pondicherry

The French left behind not just the name, but also architecture that leaves you dazzled. What your heart needs now is a little of the inexpensive insobriety that we Indians have introduced there, along with the calming yoga and a visit to all the ashrams.

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5)      Arunachal Pradesh

One of the oldest towns of the state, the Ziro Valley in Arunachal and the Apatani tribe will be the perfect balm to all your problems. A must visit if you’re into hiking for the scenery, the paddy fields or the delectably gorgeous fish farms.

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6)      Hampi, Karnataka

When the UNESCO declares a place as a world heritage site, you know there’s definitely something to it. A perfect place to be idle, there’s more of what you missed out at Manali out here (wink, wink)

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7)      Matheran

The breathtaking toy trains, brazen horses, rejuvenating nature and sleeping under the stars are still nothing compared to literally having your head in the clouds! One of the more underrated beauties of Maharashtra, Matheran is sure to take you out of your blues and immerse you in your own fairytale.

P.S – Watch out for the monkeys!

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8)      Lakshadweep

Marooning yourself after a breakup is inevitable, so why not do it on the beautiful Lakshadweep islands? The corals, serenity and insane number of water sports are sure to provide you plentiful satisfactory company!

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9)      Goa

Done with the soothing and the chilling? It’s time to get rid of the blues and let the trippy lights take you over! Goa will provide the perfect platform for you to meet new hotties and also all the cheap intoxication you wish for. Need I say any more?

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10)  Calcutta

If all else fails and your memories still go back to the old times – a trip to Calcutta is a surefire way to fix it. How? Jump off the Howrah Bridge!

Okay, just kidding. Seriously though, the warm Bongs and their amazing cuisine combined with the rustic authenticity of the area will take you back into the golden days.

Photo of 10 Places To Visit AFTER a Breakup! 10/10 by Caroline Felicia D'Almeida

So go on, take the plunge and find yourself. After all, you were someone before the relationship and with all the good memories of the past and these trips – you’ll be someone better!  

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