10 places to visit in Goa for the off-beat traveler

10th Feb 2018

This entry is as written on my Oorsutthi Lady travel blog about the places that somebody interested in taking in all the culture and life that any place has to offer, rather than just soaking in the party-scenes.

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Goa is hailed as THE place of cool where all the popular and socially active people have been there, and keep going whenever they get a chance.

And whenever they do go, you might have noticed your heart tugging just a bit at how your much planned group-trip to this dream-destination never took off, when you notice their Facebook check-in posts saying "Cool dude is at Anjuna Beach, Goa. 11, 616 people checked in here."

But wait, have you ever thought of what these cool folks do at Goa? Do you think that all they do there is just drink till they pass out?

If your answer to that is a big "YES!" and if that ain't your idea of fun / travel, then you're reading the right piece of jazz about Goa now.

So, keep scrolling below to see how Goa can be just your cuppa!



WEBSITE: http://www.reismagosfort.com/

Money matters, right? So yes, you need to pay an entrance fee to enter the fort but don't worry, cause it ain't a lot.

This is one place you should definitely not miss visiting and its at Number One because I loved it here that much. This ancient fort has a lot of history, and has placed a very vital role in India's struggle for freedom as well. Also, the sea just outside the fort is too beautiful for you to not stop and admire.

Take your time in exploring all the corners of the fort and really take in everything that you see and read.

Reis Magos Fort is beautifully maintained by the Goa Government, and there is also a souvenir shop which has tasteful things that you can buy -- nothing tacky sold here, so that's good.


Have you even heard of this one before?

Well, I know I had not -- not with how the popular beaches like Baga, Anjuna, Calangute are the only ones you see mentioned very often.

Sinquerium beach is beautiful, and so is the long stretch of road leading to it, with LOTS of food places and souvenir shops lined up everywhere.

Oooh and you can stock up on your bikini collection as well!! (Psst...I bought my first bikini at a shop near here).

Just don't think that there's nothing here 'cause you ain't seen it in them travel blogs!

There's a lot of water sporting activity going on here -- at really good prices when compared to...Colombo! Yes, you read that right.

Keep with you maybe 2500 ~ 3000 INR, and maybe a towel and swimsuit, too, and that's all you will need.


Miramar beach as far as I know, makes for a good stroll and the crowd doesn't exactly tend to be super busy unlike other beaches.

What's more is that the annual Viva Carnival takes place right in this area!

It is located near a few educational institutions, a pizzeria that makes the best pizza I've ever eaten so far (that's right below on the list!), the Goa planetarium and more!


ADDRESS: Shop No. 1, Ground Floor, Romirs Apartment, Plot No. 13/759/1, Panaji, Goa 403001

I am writing this on 2018 March 23, and I was in Goa for 3 days in early February.

Right now, when I google for "best pizza places in Goa," "Pizza Mia" pops up RIGHT AT THE TOP.

So on my last day at Goa, I was super hungry and strolling along the Miramar beach when I asked Google if there were any restaurants around for lunch. Can you guess what came up?

Hands down, Pizza Mia has got the best pizza that I have ever sunk my teeth into for all my 22 years of life so far -- and no, the pizzeria isn't paying me to write this, I'm just being honest.

For me, good pizza + happy tummy = Happiness everywhere.

Because when it is about good food that makes you happy, the best that you can do is spread word of it to others and make them happy, too.


WEBSITE: http://www.goasciencecentre.org.in/

Plan your visit after checking the show timings.

The ticket pricing for both the shows here won't burn a hole in your pocket, I promise.

So you are near Miramar and just finished with a few too many helping of some really lit af pizza, and you are a curious soul, an off-beat traveler who wants to see and learn things.

See and learn, yeah? What better place than the Planetarium for that?

They have a normal show and a 3D show aimed at kids. Having a lot of time to kill, tiny me wanted to check out both the shows and I did just that.

This place is maintained really well and to my surprise, all the models and displays in the planetarium actually work!

Now don't take me wrong; I'm sorta used to seeing broken models and displays at the planetarium in my hometown is all. On any given day, there might be LOTS of school kids visiting the centre so here's a heads-up on that.

In short, don't leave Goa without coming here!


Like this juicy jazz about Goa so far? Do read the rest of it on my blog!

Happy and safe wanderings to you! :)

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