10 reasons to fall in love with Ubud


Wake up to the sound of a rooster, sleep to the sound of cicadas, a breakfast with butterflying flirting with the sunlight infront of you, sit out under the stars at night and have fireflies keep you company. This was daily life in Ubud.

Photo of 10 reasons to fall in love with Ubud by Sudeepta Sanyal

Ubud was not love at first sight. I had just arrived here after 7 days in a beach paradise. I still had my sunscreen on, my hat and my swimming trunks underneath, ready to dive into a pool, or ocean or water or something. Had my sunglasses on, my beach swag on and here I was left by my cab in this leafy lane with zero telephone and internet connectivity. This lane that I looked around was going to be my home for the next 10 days and I would grow to visit quite often in what would be my next 25 days stay in this town. I looked around the older buildings covered in a thick foliage and I told myself, finish off your week long work assignment and we will head straight back to the beaches girl!

I stayed. I stayed. I extended my stay beyond my dates. I rescheduled my flights. And all this for love! Love for this town and everything it represented, and wont you ask me why? Because I just may tell you.

TEN reasons why I fell in love with Ubud

Wellness and therapy: Ubud is not a place to party. It’s a great place to nurse a hangover. If you think your last 6 months have been an endless series of recklessness, Ubud will take you in her arms and nurse you back to health. From breathing workshops, to meditation classes, to yoga classes , to some great organic food, this town has it all. You can choose some water therapy, or some music to soothe your soul, indulge in some new art form, or make new friends and laugh, the best therapy ever. Swimming, hikes, cycle rides, healthy food, so much love for your body and your being, it is like going back to being a baby again. Read more

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