9 Reasons Why The My Airtel App Is Your Best Friend While Travelling Solo


No matter how many times you do it, solo travel can be intimidating. And with fears of getting lost, feeling lonely, or just not knowing what to do alone at the dinner table, it’s easy to turn to your smartphone as a friend, only to be overwhelmed by the number of apps on there. But what if we told you there was a solution to all that worry and hassle? Whether you are concerned about connectivity, entertainment on the go, or even losing your phone, Airtel is the only digital companion you need, to make solo travel easier. Here’s why:

1. Discover where your phone's network will be the strongest with Airtel's open network

No matter where you’re going, it is always good to know beforehand whether you’ll face network connectivity issues there or not. This way you can be prepared, inform your loved ones in advance and take steps to ensure your safety in these areas. With Airtel’s open network platform, this is extremely easy to achieve. You can check the status of their towers and connectivity at your travel destination, right from the My Airtel App and be stress-free for the rest of your journey.

2. Stay connected wherever you go, even when you're travelling internationally

One of the biggest concerns for solo travellers is being in touch with their loved ones while being on the move. Earlier, because of high interstate call rates and difficult procedures, you would have had to think twice before making or even receiving a call while travelling. But thanks to Airtel’s free roaming policy, you can now stay connected anywhere within the country, at no additional cost. My Airtel App gives you the added bonus of choosing packs, adding data or recharging your phone at the last minute in case you forget to do it beforehand.

The same procedure also applies to international travel. You don't have to worry about staying connected because Airtel has massively reduced their international roaming rates and you can activate the packs right from your My Airtel App.

3. Stop worrying about dropping or damaging your phone

Speaking from personal experience, I have come back with broken screens and water-damaged phones so many times that I stopped taking smartphones on my travels. But the new Airtel Secure takes care of this too. They will take care of up to 60% of the damage expenses on your phone in case such an incidence occurs and will deliver the repaired handset to your doorstep. You can subscribe to the service right from the app and it’s free for the first year!

4. Choose your entertainment on the go

Travelling alone, no matter how exciting, can definitely get boring at times when you have no one else but yourself for company. And all solo travellers know the worth of having their favourite music and movies handy. But again, having multiple applications or softwares for different forms of entertainment can add to the hassle. My Airtel App is the gateway that lets you browse the movies and TV shows you want to watch on Airtel TV while you travel. And your Airtel connection gives you everything under one roof – Wynk Music with thousands of songs free for Airtel customers, and Airtel TV for the latest selection of television shows and movies. And now you even get a one-year worth of free subscription of Amazon Prime Video on downloading the Airtel TV app.

5. Transfer money from anywhere and at anytime

Tired of having to carry cash and cards and opening different apps to pay different merchants? My Airtel App offers a dedicated wallet and UPI service that makes it easy for you to be financially independent while on the go. You can pretty much transfer money to anyone right from your phone.

6. Backup your phone data free of cost

Another downside of having your phone damaged during travels is losing your data such as photos and videos that are a reminder of how awesome your trip was. The Airtel Secure subscription provides you with 2GB of cloud storage to protect all your important files in case you’re ever in a situation where your handset is compromised.

7. Earn free internet data from time to time

Internet connectivity is perhaps the single most important thing for solo travellers. With Airtel’s new plans, you don’t have to worry about this at all! If you’ve been a My Airtel App user for some time, you would have noticed that they have free data offers sprinkled around the app for you to claim. Only recently did I get 5 GB free data for the month on the app. They also have a 'bundle' offer where connecting several Airtel devices being used in a family under one app, helps you get free data every month!

8. Never run out of calling minutes

The most annoying thing, if you’re a prepaid user, is running out of your minutes while being on a call. There’s a sneaky little hack for Airtel users for this that you might not have figured out yet. The Airtel Dialler is a call-log service in the My Airtel App for which you can create a shortcut on the homepage with just one click. If you make calls using this instead of your regular phone app, you get extra calling minutes that keep getting added to your account! Now, that’s what you call a win-win situation.

9. One My Airtel App to rule them all

While Airtel itself has several apps, the My Airtel App is the one place from where you can control them all. Whether it is subscriptions, bill payments, adding/subtracting packs, or staying connected with the world, the My Airtel App is all you need to put your life in order while travelling.

Have you used the My Airtel App? What has the experience been like? Let us know in the comments or write about your experience on Tripoto. And if you haven't already, you can download the app here: Android/iOS

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