10 Reasons why you should plan a trip to Nasik

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Nasik is a city which has something to offer for everybody, whether you are looking for religious places, trekking and adventure, wine tours  & tasting or just looking for a scenic getaway, you got everything here.

1.Kumbh Mela

This is probably one of the most popular reasons Nasik is known for, Kumbh Mela happens once in 12 years and it is the largest gathering of religious pilgrims from all over the world who gather to bathe in the holy river of Godavari at Ramkund .The next Kumbh Mela would be held in 2027 in Nasik.

Devotees taking a dip during Kumbh Mela 2015

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Nasik is a religious hub which houses beautiful Hindu temples.The list can get very big, mentioning a few over her, photography is not allowed inside most of the temple premises.

- Trimbakeshwar temple: This temple is were the sacred godavari river was originated.This place also has one of the twelve jyothirlinga. It is around 40km from the Nasik road station.

-Kalaram temple: This temple is made up of black stones and has a statue of Lord Rama in black, which gives this place its name KalaRam.

-Jain temple: It is built with beautiful architectural designs. Very well maintained in a vast complex right on the Highway.They have arrangements for stay and food as well at minimal charges.

Photo of Jain Temple, Mumbai - Agra National Highway, Nashik, Maharashtra, India by Sutapa


A lot of pilgrims visit this place for its significance, it is believed that Lord Rama and Sita along with Laxman stayed for sometime at Panchavati. The name comes from the five Banyan trees around, Near to this is Sita gufa were sita is believed to have stayed.

Tapovan is another place with significance close to Panchavati were Laxman, brother of Lord Rama is believed to stayed and sages used to meditate here.

4.Wine tasting and tours

OK so if you are not into religious places and need better reasons to visit a place than the fourth reason is for you.

Nasik is known as the wine capital of India for the numerous wineries that it houses.The beautiful acres of lush green landscapes covered with grapes is surely a treat for the eyes. Gone are those days when you had to travel abroad for wine tasting tours. The beautiful city of Nasik offers wine tasting tours and travels which are worth a visit. You will be spoiled for choices when it comes to wine.Some of the famous wineries of Nasik are:

- Sula vineyards

- York Winery

- Vallonne Vineyards

- Soma vine village

- Grover Zampa Vineyards

- Chandon Winery

Sula Vineyards

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York Winery

Photo of York Winery by Sutapa


Photo of Vineyard by Sutapa

5.Pandavleni Caves:

These are a group of 24 beautiful rock cut caves, a perfect example of the detailed architecture of those times. These are the oldest caves of Maharashtra containing interesting sculptures and heavily ornamented exteriors. Very few tourists know that you could actually trek your way to the top of Pandavleni caves for a stunning view. Next time you are there dont forget to ask a localite for the trekking path :)

Pandavleni Caves

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The view from top most point of the Pandavleni Caves

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6. Dadasaheb Palke Smarak :

This Smarak is located at the foothils of Pandavleni caves.Dadsaheb Phalke was also known as the father of Indian cinema, A beautiful tomb is constructed at his cremation place as an tribute, surrounded by a garden,open amphitheater and a museum. This is a great place to spend your evenings absorbing and learning about cinema.

Photo of Dada Saheb Phalke Smarak, Buddha Vihar, Nashik, Maharashtra, India by Sutapa


Nasik also has a number of beautiful waterfalls which makes it an ideal weekend getaway destination.Monsoons are the best time to visit these waterfalls.

-Dugarwadi waterfall : This is a beautiful waterfall which needs a little bit of trekking downhill. It is around 12 km away from Trimbakeshwar. This cascading waterfall makes for a favorite pic spot for youngsters and trekkers.Best season to visit is June-March.

Dugarwadi waterfalls

Photo of Dugarwadi waterfalls by Sutapa

-Someshwar waterfall/DhabDhaba- This waterfall is situated near the Someshwar temple and is a crowd puller during monsoons. It is flooded with water during monsoons and can beat the Niagara waterfall ( Ok thats a bit too much :p) nevertheless it is beautiful.

Someshwar waterfall/ Dhabdhaba

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If you are someone who loves to trek than you would be in for a treat. Nasik is surrounded with hills, during monsoon this place just becomes a trekkers paradise.If you love Hills than you should definitely visit Nasik.

- Anjaneri Hills: well I have already covered this in a separate post. This place turns ridiculously gorgeous during monsoon and is highly recommend for anyone who visits.

Anjaneri Hills

Photo of Anjaneri Hills by Sutapa

- Brahmagiri Hills: This hills are close to Trimbakeshwar and they offer a beautiful view of the Jawahar Mokhada region.

Brahmagiri Hills

Photo of Brahmagiri Hills by Sutapa

- Harishchandragadh : This is a perfect destination for trekking in the Sayadris with magnificent views.

9.Good climate and Laid back vibe:

A drive on Trimbak road

Photo of A drive on Trimbak road by Sutapa

The average annual temperature of Nasik is 25 degress which is quite pleasant, sure it does get very hot during summers but from Mid June- Mid March the weather is pleasant as the pollution levels are well under control when compared with metro cities.The city of Nasik is quite small and unadulterated, the whole vibe of the city is laid back and relaxed, people aren't running around hurrying for no reason unlike other major cities.Well isn't that all we look for when we travel?peaceful and relaxed time :)

10. Picturesque landscapes/ Dams

Gangapur Dam

Photo of Gangapur Dam by Sutapa

Well I can go on forever with this list, but I would stop here as I guess I have covered most of the things.So basically Nasik is a place with beauty that is untouched.

The beautiful picturesque landscapes, the laid back vibes, the fresh air. Getting away from the concrete jungle is very easy while in Nasik.

Also Shirdi is just 90Km from Nasik(OK I should stop now :P) and of course the street food and Misal pav (OK this was the last thing.. promise :P)

Street Food of Nasik

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So this is my list of reasons for you to visit Nasik. If this doesn't convince you than I don't know what would. Do share the pictures if you decide to visit, I would love that :)

Hope you found this post helpful. Have a great day, Thank you.