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Singapore an island city. One of my favourites places to visit. Singapore's Changi airport is one of the best airports in the world. The airport has a miniature of the top attractions of this city. Spotted the Merlion (The popular icon of Singapore, depicted as a mythical creature with a lion's head and a fish's body), the gardens by the bay at the airport. You would definitely enjoy your pre departure wait here. And enjoy surplus duty free shopping buying chocolates for friends home.

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Singapore's Changi Airport
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I stayed in Singapore for 5 days, which appeared to be not enough to fully discover this place.

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Sun rise from the MBS

Here goes my list of the Top 10 Things I love to Do in Singapore

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South East Asia Aquarium

Sentosa - No visit to Singapore could be complete with out visiting the Sentosa. A popular island resort in Singapore. Sentosa has over 15 attractions which include Universal, Madam Tussad's, under Water world , Sentosa Merlion, SEA Aquarium and several others. Wear on your adventure shoes and try Mega Zip at the Mega Zip Adventure Park.

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Universal Studios

Universal Studios & SEA Aquarium -A theme park not to miss on a trip to Sentosa island is the Universal Studios. From the Madagascar to an adventurous journey with Shrek (an amazing 4D experience with Shrek and Fiona), a stand up show with the donkey each of the rides / attractions each attraction here will make you indulge and feel the movies come alive. The accelerator the ultimate 3D battle - Transformers is a must do in the science friction area. Do checkout the timing of the street plays so don't miss them while u walk through the New York City. Click the perfect dinning room wall drop picture with the taxi in Universal's New York city ;) The place has a lot of restaurants with varied cuisines. You could pick up some souvenirs from the Universal Stores to take back home. We had gift vouchers which could be exchanged at almost all places inside the universal. Walk through the SEA Aquarium enjoy gazing the fishes as they swiftly swim around you.

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Infinity pool @ the MBS with the skyline backdrop

MBS Marina Bay Sands - Dip in the infinity pool here and enjoy the mesmerising view of the Singapore's Skyline.A beautiful place one of the most luxurious hotels in Singapore. An infinity pool with an amazing watchers gallery this place is a synonym to the word elegance. With the best amenities an exquisite shopping mall, a MRT Station make this one of the best designed hotels in the world. The wide spread breakfast buffet will definitely help you kick start your day full of energy however the only disappointment for me as a waffle lover was the waffles server for breakfast. Tip: If u pickup rooms with the view to the 'Gardens by the Bay' don't miss the music and light show from your balcony one at 8 repeat at 9 pm. :) Some perks of choosing to stay at the grand MBS :)

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Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer - Singapore's answer to the London eye ;) Well an observatory to get the 360 degree view of Singapore. One round in the flyer would cost around $30 - $35.

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Night Safari - One of Singapore's famous attractions. A tramp ride, watch a show at the amphi theatre and the fire dance. You could skip this and rather spent more time at the Jurong Bird Park, where you could spend more time with the birds.

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Gardens' by the Bay Beside the MBS is this huge nature's park. Do plan visiting this place in the evenings to enjoy the super tree sound and light show here. Its simply is WOW! A fairy tale like experience indeed. There are two shows one at 8 and the other at 9. Try to get to this place well in advance to get the best seat and enjoy the best view. Besides that explore variety of flowers while you walk the garden.

Jurong Bird Park Spend time with birds the flamingos the parrots the penguins they are so cute ;) If you are a bird lover enjoy bird watching do not miss visiting the Jurong bird park. Feed them pose with them you will love it. Don't miss a picture with the parrots here :)

Little India The centre for Indian community in Singapore. Craving for idli vada sambar, Saravana Bhavan is here. Mustafa Singapore's prime discount departmental store, you can pick up just everything you missed packing or left back home.

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Lavish Orchard Street decorated for the Chinese new Year

Orchard Street The Shopping and entertainment hub of Singapore. Cafes night clubs restaurants this streets has them all. Visiting around January you will see the entire street lit up bright and colourfully decorated marking the Chinese New Year. Orchard Central, Singapore tallest shopping complex. Enjoy window shopping at the Gucci and Prada.

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China Town - Take home souvenirs for friends and family from the China Town. Shopping on your mind while in Singapore China Town it is. There are plenty of malls in and around this place and lot of street shopping too.

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