10 Things to do on an Iceland Road Trip

6th Aug 2018

August 2018, we were in Iceland! While we didn’t believe any place could be better than New Zealand for a road trip, Iceland turned out to be quite a surprise.

Unlike New Zealand, Iceland has a raw beauty. It’s wild, unkempt, untamed and other-worldly. There are mountains seeped in shades of black, grey, oranges and reds. The beaches are black and the glaciers are painted in hues of white and blue often specked with volcanic ash. Vast expanses of land is barren with nothing at all. Miles of solidified lava formations stretch out before you, interspersed with hectares of moss covered grounds. The tundra climate hangs in the air and you feel like you are in a different world altogether.

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And here's a travel vlog we put together to share with you all what Iceland is like ... enjoy!

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