10 Things You Should Do Before Going On A Vacation

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Vacations are fun! Till the time they are not. These are the times when you get yourself worrying too much because of something back home. Let’s not do that! You did not make a check list before leaving, it’s okay! You forgot your favourite pair of sunglasses, it’s okay! You did not pack your essentials in your carry bag, and now your luggage’s lost, it is still okay. Don’t stress about these things and spoil your holiday, they can be rectified easily. But some things you can’t leave to chance, and would take up a lot of your vacation time and even more peace of you mind, to rectify.

Pay Bills

Reminders of unpaid bills popping up on your phone are the ultimate mood killers while on a vacation. Also, you wouldn’t want your house to be in a black-out when you come back after a month-long vacation, would you? So, stop procrastinating, and pay those bills well enough in advance.

Change of Address

You can always hold your mail while you are away, but why miss out on probably something important when you can always get us postal service change of address for the duration of your vacation. Also, cell phone receptions are not always reliable. You might want to be notified of something urgent.

Hold the Newspaper

But do get your vendor to hold the delivery of your newspaper. Nothing flashes brighter to burglars than a stack of newspapers outside your door. Even if yours is a safe neighbourhood, you know you’ll worry. So get it done already!

Check Security System

This one obviously goes without saying, especially if you are planning for an extended vacation. And don’t leave it for the last minute. This should be your primary focus until you actually get it done.

Tell the Neighbours

While we are at the issue of security, let your neighbours know that you’re not going to be home for the duration of your holiday, even if you are at a minimal contact basis with them. This is Empty House 101. They may not be super careful about your place, but any disturbance will catch their attention, nevertheless.

Don’t Order Anything

This is something you should NOT do. Don’t order anything off the internet while or just before going on a vacation. It will reach your home before you do and you’ll then have to collect it from the company’s office. I’m pretty sure you won’t enjoy those trips as much as your holiday trip!

Get a Sitter

If you have pets, hire a sitter or get a family member or a friend to look after them. This is a no-brainer, but this needs to be done well in advance, as it is real tough convincing people to take care of your cat for a month, at a day’s notice.

Unplugging Electronics

Now, this is something you get to do at the proverbial eleventh hour. This is one of the last things you do before leaving the house. Unplug all your electronics like, TV and AC, and make sure everything is switched off, the lights, the fans, the power sockets. Double check it for reassurance.


This is the one probable exception to the above commandment. The jury’s still out on whether or not to unplug the fridge when going on a vacation. My suggestion? It doesn’t matter, as far as you clear it of any perishable food items like vegetables or milk. After that, it wouldn’t really matter to the chocolates if the fridge is on or not.

Put Clean Sheets

This one’s like a bonus for you when you get home, still glowing from the warmth of your time well spent. But the idea of sleeping on dirty, unwashed sheets can take away that glow in a heartbeat. So, put in a little extra effort before leaving, and be rewarded later!

There are still so many things that you ought to do or should do. But most important of all is to relax and have fun on your time out of the daily schedule. Make it count!

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