Top 10 Adventure Marathons Around the World

Photo of Top 10  Adventure Marathons Around the World 1/2 by eswa dadda
Photo of Top 10  Adventure Marathons Around the World 2/2 by eswa dadda

Each weekend, all around the world runners and wanna-be runners wake up bright an early to tackle 21 or 42 kilometers. For travelers who have ever wanted to claim the achievement of completing a marathon opportunity knocks at your door. The annual marathons listed below give adventurers the possibility of checking off two bucket list items at the same time. Many first time marathoners choose these memorable runs as a way to do so. Natural landscapes are endless for those who want the scenery- run through Patagonia in Chile’s Torres del Paine, safari through African grasslands past wild animals, or marathon on ice sheets in the Arctic Circle. For those interested in tackling the world’s most impressive made man structures, run alongside Jordan’s Petra, through Angkor Wat’s Temple City, or up the Andes’ mountain traversing the Incan Trail. If you prefer a city run, enter the most elusive country, North Korea and run through Pyongyang. For something less restrictive choose to run past Ancient Greek buildings in Athens. Regardless of your choice you can claim to have accomplished a marathon at one of the world’s most iconic and historical sites. Even if you feel like dying at the end of your 26 miles you will never regret having visited any of these places in the process! Read More

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