10 Travel Etiquettes Every Traveller Should Be Aware Of

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Traveling undoubtedly is one of the most pleasant activities. It not only relaxes your mind, body, and soul but also energizes you by reviving your spirits. However, at times, in all the fun and excitement, our travel etiquettes and manners get compromised unknowingly. Let not that happen by being considerate intentionally.

Here is a quick list of a few things that you should take care of while traveling. Don’t forget that you represent your country and state wherever you travel to, and it is necessary to leave a positive impression. Right?

Let’s get started.

1. Dress appropriately

Before leaving for a vacation or an official business trip, make an effort to find out what would be the appropriate dress code in the said country or state. It is important to wear clothes that are respectful of the place you are visiting and your mode of travel.

Carry different dresses for various occasions. Carry your swimwear for beaches; carry dresses for formal occasions and so on. If you are visiting a religious place, dress appropriately as per the culture of the concerned place. Avoid traveling in slippers and lowers. However, keep in mind to travel as light as possible and try not to carry any excess baggage.

2. Be patient while you wait

Delays can always happen and it is essential that you wait patiently while standing in a queue. Do not try to break the queue or abuse anyone who does. Further, keep your documents that are required to be checked ready and do not delay others waiting behind you. Needless to say, it can be annoying for others when you fumble for documents once you get to the counter.

Follow the correct boarding instructions. Let the people in front of you get on and get off first. While waiting for the plane, do not occupy more seats than you actually require. Further, you should also avoid keeping your luggage on the seat next to you. Instead, place them on the floor so that others can use that seat.

Also, avoid littering. It not only speaks ill of you and your country, you might also be fined for littering.

3. Comply with your private space

While traveling, be careful and follow the traveling etiquettes related to personal space. Acknowledge your fellow passenger and share a simple ‘hello’. However, do not get too unless the other wants to talk with you too. Let the person sitting in the middle use the arm rests. Watch the volume of your electronic devices and make sure you do not disturb the people sitting around you.

Before you push your seat back, check with the person sitting behind you. Push back only until they are comfortable. Additionally, you should also not let your hair or shawl run down to the other seats. Also, make it a point to keep your belongings in place and in order.

Use a neck pillow to avoid falling on the shoulder of the person sitting next to you when you fall asleep. Do not hoard the luggage on your seat, instead, try placing it under the seat in front of you or use the overhead luggage space. Make sure that the brightness of your electronic devices is kept at the lowest level to not to disturb the passenger next to you.

4. Be polite

Make sure to be polite while talking to others. If you have any request for a co-passenger, ask them politely and do not get annoyed if they do not comply. Use basic greetings and drop a simple ‘Thank you’ for anyone who helps you along the way. Wish people you meet ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good Day’ and greet them with a smile. Try to remember that you represent your country wherever you go. People tend to make an image of the country you belong to by looking at the behavior of the travelers from that region.

5. Hotel rooms

While staying at hotel rooms, be considerate. Although, you have paid for it, treat the place you stay in with respect. Do not slam the doors hard or try not to damage anything in the room. It is also important to tip wherever required.

While watching television, keep the volume low and do not disturb those in the neighboring rooms. While helping yourself at a buffet, try not to be too greedy. Take only as much as you can eat and do not get greedy with the freebies that you get with your room.

6. Learn about the place

Before you travel, learn about the place that you are supposed to visit. Understand the culture of the place. Read about the customs and traditions and try to follow them as much as possible.

Although English is a commonly understood and spoken language by most people around the world, try to learn a few basic words required to communicate with the locals there. This can be of great help to you, once you get there. Try to greet the locals in their language; this will make them accept you more.

7. Do not criticize

Do not, at any cost, criticize or put down the place you are visiting. Learn to be appreciative of everything there. Even if you do not like their food, do not criticize it. In such cases, it is best not to say anything at all. Do not compare your country or city to the one you are visiting. This can be the most annoying habit of many travelers. Avoid it completely, unless they ask you about it.

8. Pay attention and learn

If the locals or the hosts are talking to you about their place, listen closely. Make sure you do not make any gestures that can probably annoy the locals. Some hand gestures can mean a completely different thing in different countries. Therefore, learn about the place you visit beforehand. Before taking any pictures of the locals, ask for their permission just to ensure that you are not annoying anyone in the process.

9. Watch your habits

It is very important to watch your habits when in public places. Enquire about the local rules and do not violate any. Most of the countries have strict laws related to smoking and drinking in public.

Even if you are using alternative smoking methods or electronic cigarettes, be sure to follow the etiquettes that are associated with them. Although vaping does not involve tobacco, it is not polite to do it in public. Be aware and considerate of those around you and step into a secluded place to start vaping.

10. Adapt to the culture

Undoubtedly, some cultures and traditions can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is important to study them before you get there. Do not get annoyed with the way of living in the city or country that you are visiting. Embrace the new experiences and relish them.

Your Turn

No matter, if you are a frequent business traveler or a seldom solo wanderer, it is important to ensure that you do not stumble on basic etiquette. You represent your country and state while traveling and it is important that you contribute to its goodwill. Further, having a basic knowledge of the place you are going to visit can also protect you from any unexpected legal problems.

Keep the above-mentioned basic etiquettes in mind and be a happy traveler wherever you go. What are your views on this? What all things do you keep in mind while traveling? Do let us know in the comments.

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