100 Days Drive, A Road Trip Memoir

12th Nov 2013

In his recently released book ‘100 Days Drive’ author Aaron Lauritsen chronicles a therapeutic roadtrip he did around North America in 2013. In it he describes a voyage of discovery, which came about accidentally, but that morphs into a spiritual journey that unlocks long forgotten memories of growing up with a single mother, being a small business owner, serving with the military and of starting all over after a lengthy divorce.

It begins by Aaron selling his business and putting a tenant in his house, then after packing up his Toyota pick-up truck with some camping gear and his dog Athena-Bear, he hits the open road intent on getting lost, then found somewhere. In the one hundred days that follow, together they traverse the Continent and cover some 30,000 zig-zagging miles of backroads through thirty eight states and seven Canadian provinces. The trip, full of iconic landscapes, eccentric people, ghosts of history, worldly cities, adventurous activities and extreme introspect becomes an experience of a lifetime...

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