16 kinds of people you encounter on a group trip!

Photo of 16 kinds of people you encounter on a group trip! 1/2 by Shubhayan Modak

There are family trips, trips with your special someone and there are thrilling solo expeditions. And surpassing them all are group trips with your friends or colleagues; a huge group of friends tagging together for a saga of memories, experiences, and unforeseen circumstances as well. And that is exactly how our college educational trips look! A bunch of forty odd semi-adults accompanied by a professor (poor guy!) setting out for a fortnight long voyage to places and geographies uncharted! The fun, excitement and adrenaline levels surpasses those of family or solo trips by a huge margin, and one experiences a different personality in all those known faces when on the trip!

As such, here is a list of the various types of persons you will definitely encounter on a group trip:

1. The Dope Dude: The train stops at the platform and this guy is nowhere to be found. Look for him in the auto stands; he is positively busy sourcing some local ‘maal’ with the expert guidance from the autowalas! Dude stays high! Always!

2. The Window side Passenger: This person will always assert he will be long dead if he is not given the window seat while a journey. For some bizarre reason, he will need the strong gust of wind coming through the window in order to breathe. And survive!

3. The DSLR Guy: Burdened with the job of getting good profile pictures for everybody, this poor soul experiences the tour through his viewfinder. This guy is mostly the reason for people getting late at every spot. Because? Photo shoots!

4. The Time Keeper: This is mostly the leader (or so he thinks). He remains busy watching the time, and gathering people around, trying to discipline them all but in vain. Poor guy, he reminds us all of that sheepherder who could never keep his flock under control.

5. The Food Lover: I must confess; this is all of us! Going to a place and ignoring the customary delicacies is a punishable felony!

6. The YOLO-er: This person will wander off the group, alone into the woods and into his world of fantasy where the green field meets the blue sky, and take his time to sink in. He will get up at three in the morning to roam around the dark corners of the place (and to catch the early morning tea stalls) only to discover the charm of the lonely city clad in streetlights! Why? Because you only live once!

7. The Nuisance Nancy: Be it a smelly toilet, or a not so nice hotel room, this person will be the first to start whining. Their countless complaints, and never ending list of tantrums are often a persistent source of irritation, but we all love their sweetness. Right?

8. The Boss Baby: This guy knows it all, and needs to have the final verdict on all decisions and calls taken. He generally has a mature sense of what should be done, and so we all oblige. Hail!

9. The Phone-zoned fellow: This person has his better half back at home, and it is his religious duty to miss her at all times and maintains constant virtual connection with her! Result? He will always miss the fine details!

10. The Adventure Junkie: Dude lets crazy! There has to be that one guy who is so hell bent on doing ‘crazy’ that he will come up with preposterous plans! “Let’s sneak inside Bhangarh at night!” Thanks but I would want to die at eighty with a bottle of Cabernet Shiraz beside my bed!

11. The Dancing Daisy: A few drops in his system, and the dancer comes out. This guy will be the first one to start tapping, and by the fifth line of the song, he will gather an army around! Who cares about moves when you got swag?

12. The Google Map: This guy is the navigator, the man who reads maps flawlessly and knows his directions. Can’t find your next destination? Consult this guy; he is the best chance you have got.

13. The Shopaholic(s): Haven’t kept time for shopping in the schedule? Be prepared to face their wrath! They start their tour with one large duffle; by the time they board the train back, they are already hiring coolies!

14. The Sleeping Beauty: Wait till you board the train or bus! By the time you have set yourself comfortably, they have occupied the topmost berth or the sweetest seat in the bus, and fallen into a deep slumber.

15. The (Almost) Doctor: Got fever? Scratched yourself? Or is it just your bowel revolting? This gentleman got your back! In case, he doesn’t have the medicine you need, he will make sure he gets it for you. That’s dedication speaking fellows!

16. The Instagrammer: This person believes in the power of his phone camera, and is live streaming his escapades constantly. From profile videos to going live, this man of the million #hashtags has done it all!

Photo of 16 kinds of people you encounter on a group trip! 2/2 by Shubhayan Modak

I am sure there are many more which I haven’t written about! Never mind guys, in case you find something new, just let us know! Much fun revisiting memories of those college trips right? Well, go on then! Tag your buddies and decide which one(s) going to be whom!


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