2-Day Treks from Bangalore within Rs 3,500

7th Jun 2017

An enthralling 2-day trek to Kudremukh

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Falling in the region of the Kudremukh National Park, this trail will envelop you with its beauty and the forested area that abounds in rich flora and fauna. Located just 284 km from Bengaluru, Kudremukh or the 'horse shaped mountain' might be your much-needed dose of peace and tranquillity. On one hand, the beauty will get your heart to skip a beat, while on the other, the climb could leave you wanting to catch a breath.

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The journey starts from Bengaluru - an overnight journey will take you to Kudremukh. One gets to explore the hilly terrain of a tropical rain forest, as you make your way towards the top. While you navigate the rugged pathway, also keep an out for wildlife sightings. The tired legs might take hastened steps as one hears the thunderous noise of the waterfalls from a distance. Make a beeline towards the clearing and spend some time to enjoy the beauty of the falling waters. You will further resume the trek towards the peak.

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You will reach the peak in the evening, the pleasant climate and lighting adding to your experience. Marvel at the woods that covers one side and the sheer drop on the other. Unleash the photographer in you and try to capture the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes in your camera. Return to the homestay where your accommodation has been arranged, enjoy a campfire dinner and turn in for the night in tents or in the comfort of the homestay.

Start the next day early with a sumptuous traditional breakfast and head out to see the beautiful Somavathi falls before you start the journey back home. Take back with you beautiful memories of the verdant landscapes, the images flipping one after another like a favourite photo album in your mind as you travel back to Bengaluru.

Trek through the Kodachadri greens

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The most beautiful of the three mountain peaks of coastal Karnataka, Kodachadri is home to beautiful forests and has been a popular destination for trekkers. It is recognized as a natural heritage site, and once you are there, you will know why. This beautiful peak is located a little over 400 km from Bangalore and makes for a perfect weekend getaway. In this trip, you will not only trek up the highest peak of Shimoga district of Karnataka, you also get to experience the thrill of kayaking in the river as well as visit some places of stunning natural beauty.

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Kodachadri peak receives heavy rainfall, which makes the place look enchanted – pristine and unsullied. Your experienced host will guide you through the ups and downs of the route, pointing out to all the sights worth seeing. Learn more about the mountain, the fascinating tales of Hindu mythology linked to the temples located on this mountain and so on. The revered Hindu pilgrimage site Mookambika temple is located nearby.

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Starting from Bangalore, an overnight travel will take you to Kodachadri where your accommodation in a homestay has been arranged. After breakfast, you can start trekking along the daunting trail that takes you up the mountain. Feeling the stress? The mesmerizing beauty that nature has bestowed upon these mountains takes them all away. A bridle path will take you to the Hidlumane waterfalls en route. The thundering of the falls heard from afar hastens your footsteps and the spectacular sight that greets you at the falls is a revelation. The indescribable beauty of nature experienced at these waterfalls is like a breath of fresh air. You can frolic in the waters and enjoy to your heart’s content before you continue forward.

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On a clear day, Kodachadri peak offers stunning views of the Arabian sea in the far distance. Stay back to watch the sunset beyond the sea, spreading variegated colours in the sky. Visit the stone temple dedicated to Adi Shankara located at the top. With the day growing darker, descend back down and continue over to the homestay where a cheerful campfire dinner and a good night's rest awaits you. Start the next day with the exciting activity of kayaking and return in time for a good breakfast. Check out and head back to Bangalore with another stop at Nagara fort – an 18th-century fortification.

Head back home with beautiful images of the verdant mountains and a revived soul steeped in the freshness of the mountain air.

Trek your way to the highest peak of Karnataka, Mullayanagiri

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At 1,930 meters, Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in Karnataka. It rises majestically above the Western Ghats in the region, offering spectacular views of the lush greenery. Situated nearly 280 km from Bangalore in Chikkamagalur, the trek to Mullayanagiri is a great experience if you want to reconnect with nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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The starting point of this trek is called ‘Sarpadari’ which translates to snaking trail. As you start the 15 km long trek, you will catch glimpses of the famous Bababundangiri peak on the way. The trail takes you through vast meadows and carpeted greenery, also passing by waterfalls along the way.

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Once you reach the peak, explore the rocky caves and whisper your prayers in the temples before preparing to descend. On reaching the base, the trekkers are served lunch which will be followed by a short break. The trail then leads to the enchanting Buttermilk Falls which will refresh you for the climb to Bababudangiri. This is quite an enthralling experience which includes climbing along the gradual steep and rough edges of the hills. The view from the top is mesmerizing and coupled with the spectacular weather that makes for the perfect end to the ascent. Explore the top site for a while before heading back to the base camp for a campfire and a good night’s sleep. Prepare for departure the following morning and visit the Belur temple and Yagachi dam on the way back to Bangalore.

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Be it the breathtaking views of the rolling landscape extending as far as the eye can see, or the experience of the great outdoors that's often lacking in the city, this trek might just be the fun weekend activity you're looking for!

If you are looking to join these treks, you may write to me at indrani@wandertrails.com