#20ThingILoveAboutMacao in the title of the article


1. The beauty of the place is not just restricted to day, but the night life with the highlight of casinos is something I am looking forward to.

2. Macao has mixed experiences from different places, Casino experience of Vegas, shopping experience of Venice.

3. For an art lover, Macau has various art forms like singing, dancing, magic shows, operas!

4. The heritage sites and festive decorations of the place are worth looking forward to.

5. The picturesque view from temples make it a perfect photogenic fit.

6. The place is rich in heritage culture, interesting streets and shopping sites.

7. It also has the palaces of kings and queens well preserved.

8. Along with nature, it has a lot of flora and fauna.

9. The themed restaurants and mouth watering food makes the place worth visiting.

10. The adventure sports like bungee jumping can help you have an adrenaline rush.

11. For an automobile lover, it has a large variety of bikes and cars in museums.

12. For a water person, it has calm beaches, from where one can witness sunsets and sunrises.

13. The place is a bliss for photographers.

14. Regional festivals in Macau helps to know the culture better.

15. Places that take their food seriously are the best places and Macau does that.

16. It's a perfect short long-weekend trip from India which could be done in a budget.

17. It's surrounded with places like Hong Kong in the neighbourhood.

18. It gives a good mix of urban and village life.

19. Chinese culture seems fancy, it's a good view of culture along with heritage sites.

20. Who doesn't like shopping? The street shops are worth drooling for!


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