29th Oct 2019
Day 1

What's better than to explore a place that gives you memories for a life time. A place more happening than Macau is a little hard to find. So here I go with my list of 20 things I love about Macau!
1. Ofcourse it had to be Vegas of Asia. With casinos in every end of the road, this place gives you numerous opportunities to challenge yourself and yes gamble a little! Obviously gambling is the main thing but oh god trust me you wouldn't be able to get over the beautiful infrastructure! The nights and the lights have a magic of their own and you are sure to be spellbound!

Day 2

2. So if for you Vegas is not enough why not explore a little of Venice. Yes, VENICE! Venetian Hotel and Complex is named so because there's a shopping mall inside the HOTEL and it's inspired by Venice! So yeah ceiling painted like afternoon sky and the buildings with strong renaissance era like feels are still okay. But this place has a freaking canal in it with actual water flowing and oh so beautiful gandola rides! Heaven!

Day 3

3. From Singing to dancing taking in account the magic shows you will find very talented people here showcasing their amazing talent. You thought you would get bored? Oh common they won't let you!

Day 4

4. After the amazing talent show maybe you could enjoy some light show or maybe a water show? Yes you might be just roaming on the streets for an ice-cream and may encounter light shows and water shows. Yes that's how happening it is.

Day 5

5. So obviously you would have to buy souvenirs for your dear ones. How about a trip to Senado Square? With vintage streets and shops, you will find amazing food as well. So shop, eat or just click pictures, this place is suitable for all.

Day 6

6. I am sure your photographic self isn't still very happy about the scenery. So let's take you to Ruins of St. Paul. This historic place is located within the senado square and is lead by the steps. And trust me of the view you will find here! It overlooks the entire senado square and obviously it's walls, a perfect spot for photographers.!

Day 7

7. If you want to get a little adventerous now, climb to the top of Mount Fortress. Amazing right? Yes, this historic place is located right next to the ruins. It has all of the houses and artefacts from 1600s. A beautiful place for sure!

Day 8

8. Apart from these, there's another beautiful place, Guia Fortress, in the groups of historic places here. Getting to these is not that easy my people. It is located at the highest point of penisular Macau, on the Guia hills. So hike, adventure and ofcourse enjoy!

Day 9

9. After all that gambling I am sure you would want to ask god for forgiveness! Just kidding, let's now explore A-Ma temple and pay homage to matzu. What a peaceful place it is.

Day 10

10. Want to explore more heritage? Take a walk in Casa Do Mandarim/Mandarin’s House. Hard to find but totally worth it! Such a beautiful experience it is.

Day 11

11. The Dom Pedro V Theatre, St. Lawrence’s Church, Casa Garden, the Moorish Barracks are some other historical places that you can explore.

Day 12

12. Those who love nature (or those who do not will now do), here's an amaizing place for you. Seac Pai Van Park is an ecological park which apart from being a tourist attraction, plays an important part in educating visitors about nature conservation. Here you will find pandas, lots of them and many other animals!

Day 13

13. Want to do some more shopping? Visit Macau’s Fisherman’s Wharf. No you don't do fishing here, you can chill, eat, shop and have fun in many themed sections here.

Day 14

14. Pump some adrenaline in yourself and get ready for 338m tall Macau Tower. You could take a few pictures of the dizzyingly tall structure and move on or you can challenge the world’s highest bungee jump from a building. Yes. Jump more than 200m above ground and plunge towards the ground at an insane speed only to have death’s doors slammed shut just before you get close enough to peer into it.

Day 15

15. The two most popular museums here are the Grand Prix Museum and the Wine Museum. They’re pretty fun and are definitely unique compared to the usual museums you visit.

Day 16

16. In Macau, you’ll find many large and active urban parks to stroll about appreciate some peace. It’s a good activity to do when you’re tired of exploring the crowded tourist spots in Macau and the parks will definitely leave you feeling refreshed!

Day 17

17. After all these exploration, let's just spend the day at the beach. Yes, Beach! Hac Sa Beach is the largest natural beach in Macau and one of the top tourist destinations in the summer.

Day 18

18. When the sky turns dark and Macau lights up, the city is a beautiful symphony of lights perfect for a night photography tour. Macau’s nightlife is not all about casinos and clubs, whip your cameras out and take a walk when it gets dark. You’ll be fully rewarded!

Day 19

19. Photographers- check
Shoppers- check
History lovers- check
But what about the oh so lovely foodies? Fear not there's obviously places for you too. A good place to hunt for the most authentic and delicious street food, is Taipa Village. You can sample many local favourites such as the famous Portuguese egg tarts and pork buns. There was also a store selling musang king (durian) ice cream and many more selling traditional Chinese style dried meat.

Day 20

20. Every year, Macau pays homage to the flower featured on their flag at the Macau Lotus Flower Festival, which is already into its 19th edition. Every year in June, the week-long event sees major areas and sightseeing spots in the country bloom with thousands of lotuses, with the main venue at Carmel Garden. Also tying in with the festival are dishes featuring the holey tuber, and can be seen on many special menus in restaurants across Macao.

And that's my list of #20ThingsILoveAboutMacau

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