Get your adrenaline pumping at the Macau Tower

Regardless of how you arrived in Macau, be it by plane, ferry or otherwise, you’ll definitely always be able to catch a glimpse of the 338m tall Macau Tower. You could take a few pictures of the dizzyingly tall structure and move on or you can (if you have the courage) challenge the world’s highest bungee jump from a building.


Macau Science Center

Designed by Chinese American architect I.M. Pei, the Macau Science Center juts out along the ocean, and is easily visible to people taking ferries, cars, and trains.


Dine like a local

For a taste of "real" Macau, venture around the corner from Lord Stow's Bakery to Coloane Town Square, overlooking the waterway separating Macau from the Chinese mainland.


Be Serenaded by Real Gondoliers

The casinos blockbuster attraction is its network of canals. Just like the canals at the original property in Las Vegas or indeed in Venice itself, they are patrolled by gondalas manned by gondoliers warbling out tunes from the old country.


Get Lost in the Biggest Casino in the World

The Venetian Macao is the biggest casino in the world. Fact. Forget those pretenders in Vegas and Atlantic City, the Venetian Macao has 550,000 square metres of dedicated gaming space, that’s more than 800 gaming tables featuring everything from poker to fan tan and more than 3,400 slot machines – known locally as hungry tigers.


Hunt for bargains on rare and antique items in the famous pawn shops and curio dealers throughout Macau



The main dish of Macau is minchi, which is minced meat with potato cubes and rice. It is simple and sublime, and exhibits the marriage of Portuguese and Chinese cuisine and culture.


Museum of Taipa and Coloane

Details the earliest human settlements on the islands, the fishing industry prevalent on the islands, and the colonization and eventual independence of Macau.


Jardim Municipal da Montanha Russa

Relax in the Jardim Municipal da Montanha Russa, a park located on a hill that offers a terrific view of the city. The park has a diverse botanical collection, interesting statues, and a go-kart track for children.


Wait for and watch the lotus flower lights of the Casino Lisboa to bloom as the sun sets every day


Amazing architecture

From neoclassical Portuguese homes to the ultra-modern Macau Cultural Centre, Macau is home to some of Asia's most impressive architecture, with European styles blended with Chinese elements.


One in five locals work in a casino

Macau's casinos employ 20% of the population. When a casino takes on new staff, it checks to see if he or she has family working in the casino and in which section, to avoid the possibility of fraud.


Rent a Cabana

The Venetian Macao offers luxury cabanas for a truly swanky poolside experience. In their cabanas, that can host up to four people, you’ll find a mini fridge for your drinks, an AC unit and fan to cool down with and a cable ready 42 inch TV - allowing you to take a dip in the pool and then repair to watch the game from the comfort of your very own sofa chairs.


Explore on Foot

The Macau Government Tourist Office has created a series of self-guided walks which cover not only the major historic sites but narrow lanes which lead to a few eye-catching surprises.


Combatting Pirates Monument

The "Combatting Pirates Monument" in the town square commemorates a 1910 incident in which pirates held more than a dozen Guangdong students for ransom.



Discover Vquarium on your trip to Macau.

Location- Ground floor,city of dreams,Macau,China.


Grand Waldo Casino

Grand Waldo has a modest 30,000 square foot gaming area. They hosted about 40 table games and 150 or so slot machines. It's open 24 hours a day, a nice hotel and many restaurants to choose from. It was also on the water


Sample some of Macau’s fine beef jerky, which was introduced and pioneered by Portuguese settlers. Free samples are available in many stores.


Thriving art scene

Revenue from casino taxes has helped propel spending on the arts, allowing for the development of an impressive art museum and Cultural Centre Complex.


Macau was the first and last European colony in China

The Portuguese settled in Macau in the 16th century and the island was handed back to China in 1999. Today, Macau is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) and is governed under the "one country, two systems" principal, which was the brainchild of late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping.